Best Hamstrings Workout For Muscle Building

Best Hamstrings Workout For Muscle Building


Growing attention towards gymming among young adults, it is seen that they are often subjected to their Biceps, chests, and shoulders and leave those important tendons at the back of their knees. Since we mostly focus on the upper body while gymming, it is quite predictable that we ignore the hamstrings. But, for overall growth, we need to focus on all the muscles of our body.

In this step-by-step guide, we are going to learn more about the best hamstrings exercises, the additional things we should do for a good gymming output, and the diet which we should follow to amplify this process. In the end, we will also discuss some pre-workout exercises for hamstrings to promote overall growth. Overall growth is the ultimate growth.

Best Hamstring Exercises

There are a bunch of hamstring strengthening exercises that gym lovers prefer to do. They do not require a lot of equipment and would suffice in providing strength to your hamstrings. We would gradually increase the toughness of the exercises along with each specific succession. You can click here to know more.

  • Glute Bridge

glute bridge

Try to lie down flat on the floor with your knees bent at an acute angle. Now, start to press your feet into the ground and at the same raise your hips in the upper direction. Keep in mind that you have to squeeze or limit your glutes together so that you don’t drop your lower back and maintain the posture. Hit 12 repetitions at least three times with a span of 30 seconds rest.

This is an effective hamstring strengthening exercise.

  • Single legged glute bridge

Single leg glute bridge

Now, try to lie down on your back on the floor with your knees bent at an acute angle, the same as the initial part of a glute bridge. Now raise one of your legs and try to touch the ceiling. Remember, that your leg is facing the ceiling and the other is like a classical glute bridge.

Now, try to keep your back as straight as possible and use your glutes to prevent sagging of the lower back. Do this for two seconds and stop and repeat for 12 times at least in three sets with one minute break.

  • Bench Hip Thrust

During this exercise, try putting your upper back on the bench, putting your shoulders eventually on it. While sitting your hips low, place your feet flat on the floor, forming a right angle between your legs and the ground. Now, try to face both of your hips towards the ceiling and at the same time drive you into the ground. Settle back to your original position and repeat this 12 times at least in three sets with one minute break.

  • Single-Leg bench hip thrust

Try to imitate the position you did in the classical bench hip thrust. Now, lift one leg towards the ceiling and bend it up. Now, try to hold the position for some time and get back to scratch. Repeat this exercise for both of your legs about 12 times at least in three sets with a one-minute break, distributing, an equal amount of time for each leg.

  • Swiss ball Hamstring Curl

Again, lie back on the floor with your palms facing the ground. Try to place both of your heels on the apex of the ball and then press your hips and glutes off the floor. Now, keep the back as straight as possible and engage your abs. Now, curl the ball towards your glutes in to and fro motion. Repeat the exercise 12 times at least in three sets with thirty seconds break.

  • Single legged Swiss ball Hamstring Curl

Lie back straight on the floor, facing the palms on the ground. Now, try to place one of your heels on the swiss ball and raise another leg facing the ceiling. Now, try to press your hips and glutes off the floor, in the same way, you did while sound swiss ball hamstring curl. Now, curl the ball in to and fro motion. Repeat the exercise 12 times at least in three sets with one minute break.

  • Cable Pull-through exercise

This is a very effective hamstring strengthening exercise. Use a resistance band or a cable at your ankle height. Straddle the resistance band between your legs and now face it away from the column. Now using the band go to the point until you feel some resistance. Now, bending your hips try to allow the system to drive the rope and your hips back toward the column. Squeeze your glutes together to make a strong lockout. Now, repeat the exercise 12 times at least in three sets with one minute break.

  • Barbell Romanian Deadlift


Grab a barbell, hold it firmly and the distance between them should be one shoulder distance. Now, use your abs to support your lower back when you try lifting the bar. Now, try to hinge the hips of your back, straight. Now, slowly and steadily lower down the barbell, stand, maintain the position and get back to your original position. Repeat this 10 times at sets with a break of at least 3 to 4 minutes.

After performing all these seven exercises, prefer taking a big break to rejuvenate yourself.

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Foods that supplement hamstring exercises

importance of Nutrition

Foods are important to supplement the body for physical activities. People who hit the gym regularly should consume nutritious foods for better muscle growth. Click here to find out more on foods for better hamstrings.

The following foods supplement the best hamstring exercises.

  • Peanut Butter, Whole Grain Breads, and banana shake

Peanut butter is a great preference among the people who gym regularly because there is enough of all the ideal nutrients with peanut and chocolate.  Try having banana shakes on the empty stomach. It keeps you going without any stoppage. It is very nutritious and makes you go at it without any hindrance.

  • Fish, Meat, and Eggs

When it comes to seer Iron, calcium, and protein, you need these foods to supplement your body. Fish are a great source of nutrients for glimmers and meat is rich in a whole lot of nutrients. Eggs on the other hand are very proteinaceous and are a compulsion, most probably if you are into gymming.

  • Berries, nuts, and fibres

Berries are a great source of food and with nuts, the whole thing gets very nutritious. Nuts are rich in calcium, vitamins, and minerals. They provide us with the supplementary aspects of nutrition. Water and salads are great for our bodies as well. Try having ample salad and plenty of water so that you don’t miss these things as well.

What should be there on the plate?

  • Different cereals

Minimum, there should be at least three different cereals. In an ideal diet, there would be five different portions of cereal. The most popular options are rice, millets, bajra, jowar, and wheat. These would provide a lot of nutrients and would amplify the diet process.

  • Herbs and leaves

In an ideal diet, herbs and leaves are some of the most popular food items. They have impeccable health benefits and consuming them every day is a great way to make them. The powder of some herbs is also consumed to ensure that the tertiary requirements of the body are also achieved. Indian foods have had herbs in them since time immemorial, but the invasion of various options in foodstuffs has limited the consumption of herbs.

  • Alkaline Juices

Juices are one of the most popular options that people usually go for. Juices take less time to get prepared and are as effective as the whole ingredient. This could be a reason for which the ideal routine has juices in its chart. Juices that are alkaline are easily digested by the digestive system and are hence properly absorbed by our bodies. All types of alkaline juices like Wheatgrass juice, gooseberry juice, and gourd juices are the most preferable ones.

  • Dry foods

A variety of nuts, seeds, and dates comprise a good proportion of the meals of an ideal diet. Nuts that are easily available and not exotic are mostly preferred. Seeds like pumpkin seeds are rich in several nutrients and dates are tasteful and nutritious as well.

  • Soups and Milk

Milk is mostly one of the popular traditional dishes and is widely consumed by people all over various places. Milk has great taste, aroma, and health benefits and is a reason it is used in weight loss hamstring exercises. Milk, on the contrary, is not cow milk mostly, it can be soya milk. It is also rich in various nutrients and is consumed by vegans as well.

  • Main course cereals

Here the quantity is highly subjective and exclusively depends on individual requirements. The moment one feels full is the benchmark for that individual. Here, the intake should be according to the need, rather than being strict for every individual.

  • Lentils

At least 50 grams of lentils is mandatory. One can have probably more, but should not be less than fifty grams. This is the minimum requirement when it comes to regular meals.

  • Salads

The minimum quantity is 200 grams and this would suffice for many individuals. The salad had been excluded from regular meals because most people do not prefer having it. But, at least 200 grams of freshly prepared salad is a must in a regular meal.

  • Sprouts

At least 25 grams of sprouts is a must and undoubtedly, these are very healthy and require negligible time to get prepared.

  • Soups

Since vegetable soups are a great way to nourish our body, at least 200 millilitres of soup is a must. It can be taken during the night time, to prevent eating bulky foods. However, a person can also have it during lunch or as an evening snack. But, nighttime is most preferable.

  • Fruits

When it comes to fruits, a lot of fruits should not be consumed. But, the quantity is also not properly defined. A fruit salad, with at least 3 to 5 fruits in them, must weigh 100 grams. This would be an effective way to nourish the body with myriads of fruits. Fruits are essential to provide you with the required vitamins and minerals that you may miss. Always try having seasonal fruits and vegetables and make sure that you eat them raw. Seasonal fruits are great for supplementing your body. Do not depend completely on exotic fruits. Try apples, oranges, guavas, melons, etc in your diet. This ensures that you also catch on the fibres as well.

Pre Workout Exercises for Hamstrings

Warming up before some minutes of actual training prevents fatigue and constant breakdown. Warming up gives you a big reason to carry on your tasks. It gives you a kickstart to a better gyming output.

Here are some great pre-workout exercises that would help you get the best results from the best hamstring exercises.

They are:

  • The hamstring stretches

Hamstring stretches would work best for your hamstrings and since it’s probably a lot about hamstrings, stretches are the best way to start your day.

Step1: Stand upright, take a small step with your left leg and then slightly bend your right leg while keeping the left leg as straight as possible.

Step2: The left hamstring must be stretched, you could feel it also.

Step3: Move your chest towards the ground in the forward direction and at the same time, ensuring.that the feet are facing the front.

Now, when you’re done, reverse the pair of legs and conduct the same. Since it is very light and a warm-up, you do not need to count the repetitions.

This is a very effective warm-up, especially for your hamstrings, and gives you a boost while you are at it.


The hamstring is as important as your other body parts when it comes to gyming. So, one needs to equally put effort to grow the hamstring muscles as well. Well, it is not necessary to grow it as trunks but at least devising some efforts on it would help in reaping better benefits. Advanced hamstring exercises supplement the framework of the body.