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The health fanatics always woo over the workout routines of professional bodybuilders. And the most talked-about example of the fitness world is Dorian Yates and his indomitable workout plans. The retired English professional bodybuilder continues to encourage the fitness geeks to push the bar. The distinguishing shoulder and back muscles are the primary source of attraction apart from his record of winning Mr Olympia for five successive years starting from 1992. The fitness wonder holds the place of fifth-highest number of Mr Olympia wins after some of the eminent figures of the fitness and glamour industry like Ronnie Coleman, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Phil Health.

In the following sections, the details about Yates’ workout plans are going to be unfolded. Read on to master the Master’s workout routine.


Dorian Andrew Mientjez Yates, currently 59 years old, is a retired professional English Bodybuilder. The fitness personality continues to dominate the fitness world since the ’90s. The five times winner of Mr Olympia is listed as one of the best athletes in the world. His bodybuilding routine is followed like a bible to the fitness fanatics. Peter McGough, the giant of bodybuilding journalism, coined a perfect nickname for Dorian Yates- THE SHADOW.

Such a nickname resulted from Yates’s tendency to avoid public attention and suddenly participating in contests without any prior notice. And they were, interestingly, stealing the awards with sudden arrival—no wonder the competing bodybuilders were always so tensed when Yates was NOT around.

Yates started to take an interest in physical fitness activities at an early age. The rigorous training and workout routines paid off really well for the kid entering his body-building career. The remarkable achievements of Yates include 15 primary contest wins. Since 1992, just before the retirement of the Professional bodybuilder, Dorian Yates won all the contests he participated till 1997.

The athlete had to opt for retirement due to some of the chronic injuries he won during his professional career. However, the fighter continued to participate in his last contest with torn triceps.

Two other prominent names that come up while talking about Dorian Yates’s workout routine are Arthur Jones and Mike Mentzer. Arthur Jones is the inventor of Nautilus exercise machines, and the latter is an IFBB bodybuilder. Jones is known as one of the pioneers of High-Intensity Training routines. Jones was also the mastermind behind Nautilus, Inc., and MedX, Inc. Now, what are their contribution towards making THE bodybuilder Yates?

Dorian Yates followed the High-Intensity Training (HIT) formulated by Jones and Mentzer. The defining characteristic of this exercise routine is that maximum muscle stimulation can be obtained through short but intense sets of exercises. The HIT style of workout is against the idea of workout routines with long sessions and extra rigour. Watch this to dig into something essential about High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).


Gym fanatics and bodybuilding enthusiasts are already aware WHAT is the Dorian Yates workout routine is. The only thing they are still fumbling for is the WHEN and HOW of the workout plan. And that’s why you have to read on.

The High-Intensity Training (HIT) makes sure that the trainees are engaged with shorter durations of high-intensity practices. Though rest is essential for the muscles to avoid sprains, the HIT practitioners do not provide advice for more than 30 to 45 seconds of rest between each set of exercises in the workout plan.

Apart from developing splendid, chiselled muscles, the HIT routine is a function of mental strength. The optimum level of motivation is essential for pushing an athlete to achieve their goals. Will power, concentration, and dedication- all play their parts in the journey. Thus, a mind-body connection is always present.

The ‘Age of Intensity’ workout plan of the bodybuilding messiah is one of the most talked-about routines in the fitness world. Let’s see what Dorian Yates has in store for us.


Yates time in the bodybuilding world is known as the Yates decade and for some pretty excellent reasons. Not only did Dorian Yates revolutionized the concept of bodybuilding but also been a worthy torchbearer of fitness ideas that is not confined between several sets and the heaviness of the weights lifted. The mere idea of completing the stipulated exercises was rejected by Yates.

Here is something that may enlighten the readers about Yates’ famous Age of Intensity workout routine. Before rolling your sleeves, listen to what Yates has to say about following a routine: “Don’t try what I do until you have several years of experience. Even then, don’t copy what I do: you have to find what works best for you.”

Here is something that may enlighten the readers about Yates’ famous Age of Intensity workout routine. Before rolling your sleeves, listen to what Yates has to say about following a routine: “Don’t try what I do until you have several years of experience. Even then, don’t copy what I do: you have to find what works best for you.” The famous 4 days a week Dorian Yates workout routine is described in brief. According to Mr Olympia, it is apt to go for your sessions every alternate day of the week.

MONDAY: The first day of the week should be dedicated to the strengthening of abs, triceps, and shoulders. The warmup should be started with 1 set of triceps pushdowns of 15 reps. A couple of sets of lying curl extensions may just set the pace for the week. Eight to twenty reps of curl extensions are more than enough for the session. A short break between each set is recommended by the Shadow himself.

TUESDAY: This should be your back day. Three sets of hammer strength pulldowns for 15-30 reps will stimulate your muscles just right. Two sets of barbell rows of 8-20 reps are followed next. A couple of sets of deadlifts of 8 to 12 reps are highly advised by Mr Olympia.

WEDNESDAY: It is the new rest day of the week.

THURSDAY:  Back to the gym! The kickstart should begin with a stimulating shock to the muscles of the abs, chest, and biceps. The HIT method follows just that. 2 sets of inclines curls with dumbbells are adequate to set the pace. The Shadow follows a pair of Nautilus curls for 8 to 12 reps in each. Inclined dumbbell flyes are also recommended for the muscles.

FRIDAY: Again, a break from the routine.

SATURDAY: Saturday should be the quads and calve day. And yes, it is going to be tough. sets of stiff-legged deadlifts with sweat your muscles to the extreme. These minute shocks to your muscles will stimulate the respective muscles of the body that will enhance their reaction to various exercises. Sets of seated calf raises are one of the favourites of Yates. A single set of calf rises for 8 to 20 sets is enough for a session.

SUNDAY: Yeah, nothing should push you to the gym on Sunday now, isn’t it? Ever thought about a cheat day? Sunday may be just perfect for it…

Remember not to push your body too far. And if you are a newcomer to this fitness world, make sure to discuss your body goals and plans with your trainer before trying your hands on anything new. Though the challenging experience may give you a splendid serotonin boost, it may not be quite friendly to your muscles and bones.


In our view, Dorian Yates is more of a bodybuilding scientist, if not an expert. His meticulous application of theoretical knowledge on workout plans to everyday life played a central role in his career. Mr Olympia was obsessed with his gym lab and experiments… And we cannot be more thankful.

Yates never believed in the hit-and-trial method of exercises. Because there is never enough time to hit the correct method. His preparation for the workout routine was started even before he went for his first workout session. Yates said in an interview that he browsed every piece of available information primarily based on bodybuilding and human physiology before hitting his first workout routine.

He applied the knowledge gained to muscle strength and development in his gym lab. The findings of the experiments became the basis of his regular workout schedules. There are two major Yates’ principles which are also famous by Yates’ Heavy-Duty system:

  1. First and foremost, the brief shock of high-intensity training (HIT) stimulates the muscles to respond at a maximum rate. This principle forms the baseline of muscle growth and muscular stimulation.
  2. The second principle states the importance of recovery for optimum muscle growth.

The bottom line of Yates’s strategy of bodybuilding as a sport is to engage the body and mind simultaneously. The body is just a piece of meat without its mind. Before stimulating the muscles, one should be able to stimulate their mind to keep pace with the changing and challenging atmosphere they are about to encounter. Read on the details of Dorian Yates plans for workout and bodybuilding by clicking here.


dorian yates diet

One of the common mistakes the health fanatics do is to be ignorant about the importance of diet in the workout plan. Skipped meals and avoiding fulfilling the minimum requirements of the body may take a toll on the physique. Counting hospital bills should not be on the to-do list of fitness freaks, is it not? Here are some of the quick tips that enthusiasts may follow to keep their diet in check. Oh! Yes. The diet plan has been inspired by Dorian Yates routine.

  1. The breakfast plates should be loaded with energy-giving meals that will fuel the body for the rest of the day. Yates have almost ten egg whites which provide the body with sufficient protein. Another important component to start the day is carbs. Yes, you will need carbs to keep your body running.
  2. A supplement is good to pair with your breakfast before hitting the gym, or so Dorian Yates said. Discuss the type and quantity of supplement your workout routine needs to most with your trainer. Some extra stamina will never go to waste!
  3. Lunchtime also calls for an optimum level of carbs. Yates used to have chicken breasts with all the green vegetables that we avoid. A cup of rice is a huge part of his lunch hour. If you fear the bowl of rice, carbohydrates are also found in potatoes. Boil some and help yourself.
  4. A protein-rich drink may do wonders after a couple of hours of lunch. This should also be discussed with your gym trainer.
  5. Dorian follows an early dinner schedule. According to some nutritionists and fitness experts, the activity of the digestive system reels down with time. Food can be digested better if eaten early. 6 pm is his most preferred timing for dinner. He would have his regular filet mignon with servings of vegetables.
  6. Half a cup of oatmeal or something similar in function is good before going off to bed. A proper level of roughages in the diet is crucial to keep the digestive system healthy. The imbalance of indigestion may cost a little too much.


One of the most talked-about celebrities of the fitness world and five times winner of Mr Olympia contest has a lot in store for his crazy fan following. Though a single google search will present you with overwhelming information, we are here to provide you with some crisp and quick workout strategies inspired by Dorian Yates workout routine.

The Age of Intensity is the famous workout plan formulated by the Shadow. It proposes the trainees go for short durations of high-intensity workouts to stimulate their muscles. and that is the sole reason which builds the ground for muscle growth. The dynamic characteristic of Yates’s formula of bodybuilding is its importance to mind-muscle or mind-body connection. The bodybuilding messiah revolutionized the concept of bodybuilding in a more intelligent way.