white spots on lips


What is the reason that we invest a whole lot of time in prepping your face on the morning of the interview? Or before a date night? It is because we want our features to be appealing for the meeting. And our lips attract considerable attention during communicating. Keeping the primary features of our appearance would open doors for us. Now, we don’t want white spots sitting on our lips to ruin the moment, isn’t it?

Cure for a problem comes in the process of knowing the problem better. Understanding the cause of white spots on lips is essential for finding out its solution. Read on to disclose the factors that cause white spots or tiny bumps on the surface of lips, its treatment, and the ways of prevention.


Apart from being a physical disturbance, the white spots on lips are a serious threat to your self-esteem. We become self-conscious instantly in any public situation. Here are some of the primary causes of white spots on the surface of lips:

  1. Fordyce spots: These appear in form of whitish or yellowish tiny spots, near about a millimetre in diameter. Fordyce white spots are mostly seen on the edges of the lips or inside them. Dermatologists are sure such spots a largely harmless. Fordyce granules are mainly the enlarged oil-producing or sebaceous glands. One lesser-known fact about the Fordyce spots is that these may appear on the scrotum and labia as well.
  2. Oral herpes: A little high-school flashback- herpes is a type of sexually transmitted infection (STI) and is caused by Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV). It is further categorized into two types- HSV I and HSV II. Even though there is no defined cure for herpes, medications can be effective in curing its symptoms. oral herpes can be detected by the appearance of white bumps initially. In the later stages, the small sores may become fluid-filled.
  3. Fungus: Fungal infections may be the sole reason for such white spots and blisters on the lips. Oral thrust is one of the most common fungal infections that cause white lesions in and around the lips. People suffering from such fungal infections would also notice white spots in their mouths and nostrils. Candida albicans is the scientific name of the fungus that caused oral thrust.
  4. Cancer: Well, now this looks like something serious. But don’t be so quick to trust Google on such things. A fragment of the population witnessing white spots in their lips may be suffering from oral cancer. The white spots could be flat or raised is painless initially. The later stages may cause bleeding and ulceration of the bumps. Oral cancer can be caused due to Human Papillomavirus (HPV), excessive alcohol or tobacco consumption, or maybe simply due to genetic factors. Be sure that all white spots are not an invitation letter for cancer.
  5. Milia: When dead skin cells are not brushed off, they are trapped into the other skin cells and cause tiny white bumps. These are especially visible on the surface of the lips. Babies are found to be prone to milia and thus it is advised by the dermatologists to use apply mild scrubbing on the kids’ skin.

Some of the skin conditions that we are worried about seem to be harmless and benign. Such as meagre genetic variations, birthmarks, or moles on the surface of your skin.

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White spots on lips are rarely a reason to fix an appointment with your doctor. Though it will not do any harm to be extra sure about it. According to the dermatologists, one should seek medical advice if one comes across one or more of the following symptoms:

  1. White spots that were initially painless but later painful
  2. Bleeding white bumps on the lips
  3. Fluid-filled white spots on the lips
  4. A feeling of heaviness in the throat
  5. Fever and sore throat for a prolonged period
  6. White spots on the inside of the mouth
  7. A feeling of numbness in the tongue
  8. Swelling of jaw and neck along with white bumps on the lips
  9. Spreading of the tiny white bumps from the lips to other surfaces
  10. Scabbiness and flakiness of skin around the white spots on lips.

Even if the white spots or bumps on the lips do not recede after a couple of weeks, it is advisable to go for a teeny tiny appointment with your doctor.


Though white spots on lips are not that worthy of medical attention, it is not a crime to be worried about your health. And when it includes a most crucial feature- your skin. Doctors may go for a full checkup along with a collection of medical history to diagnose the cause of white spots and bumps on lips. Your medical history will include the medical backgrounds of your family as well just to check the genetic involvement in the case.

The doctors may also look for any kind of swelling in the neck or throat regions of the patient. Inside of the mouth is also a prime interest in the case of white spots and bumps. Any kind of swelling of jaws and numbness of the tongue should be immediately reported to the doctors for efficient diagnosis.

A prominent diagnostic method adopted by doctors to check for the growth of bacteria, viruses or fungus is culture. A swab of the patient’s lip is put under the microscope. The medication depends on the type of microbodies detected in the laboratory test.

Just in case, the laboratory results make the doctor suspicious of the cancerous growth of tissues in the oral regions, further tests are being conducted to ensure the presence of cancerous cells in the culture.

Moreover, the doctors may go for a reliable set of blood tests to check whether there is the involvement of the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV). Although, most of the time the white spots sitting on the lips are not that harmful. Doctors may simply take a look and prescribe some medications. You’re good to go!


One can take care of the white spots on their lips by using home remedies. There are also some major DON’Ts that you need to follow.

  1. DO NOT pick your white spots or bumps however irritating they may seem
  2. STOP draining the fluid if your white bump is fluid-filled
  3. AVOID using random skincare products available in the market. This may be more harmful to the skin.
  4. STOP scratching the spots where white scabs surfaced. This may increase the chances of infection.
  5. Dry your sweat immediately and keep the white spots dry.

To get relief, you may rinse the affected surface of the lip with lukewarm saltwater once or twice a day. This will keep the bacteria and fungus causing the irritation at bay. You may also ask a general physician to prescribe an ointment for the white spots to prevent getting the surface dry. If you notice inside of your mouth got affected with white spots, splash your mouth regularly with saltwater. This also helps with irritation.

Now, in case medical attention is needed for the white spots or bumps, there is a plethora of treatment procedures the doctors may opt from. Let us get a brief idea of some of them:

  1. Removal of the white bumps: Fordyce bumps are nothing but enlarged sebaceous glands that are present on the surface of our skin. Such white bumps are harmless. We know it’s not quite a sight and you may ask your doctor to arrange for their removal. Doctors most commonly opt for electrosurgery or laser treatment to remove the bumps.
  2. Anti-fungal medications: Candida fungi are the most mischievous of the lot. They commonly form white spots and patches on the skin. To get rid of such white spots on lips the doctors may prescribe some anti-fungal ointments or lotions. The lotions should be applied once or twice on the affected area after cleaning it in a day.
  3. Anti-viral medications: The Herpes Simplex Virus is a prime reason of viral infections. The white spots on the lips and around the mouth are indicative of oral herpes. We know that no ultimate cure of Herpes in present, though the medications prescribed by the doctors may help to keep the symptoms at par.
  4. Chemotherapy or radiation therapy: big terms! We know. Though there isn’t anything to be worried about. If the doctors’ sense cancerous growth they are generally supposed to go for chemo or radiation therapy. However, the treatment for oral cancer depends upon the severity of the condition. Surgical removal of tumorous cells is also a preferred method of treatment for many.


The next big question is how likely you’re can suffer from white spots. According to research, men are much more prone to be having white spots on their skin rather than women. Evidently, hormones play significant roles. People with oily skins are more likely to encounter stubborn white bumps sitting on their lips due to hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands. Dermatologists argued that many times Fordyce bumps are indicative of some more serious health conditions. Here is a brief idea that you can start with:   

  1. Almost all the people who are or have been suffering from colorectal cancer in the past have Fordyce spots. Doctors may in fact find such skin problems helpful in detecting some serious illnesses.
  2. Hyperlipidemia is another condition that is found to be directly linked with white spots. In hyperlipidemia, an excessive level of fat is found in the blood of the patient. Now you know why so many blood tests are suggested by the doctors!
  3. Sometimes white spots on lips and skin may be indicative of a certain form of heart disease. Surveys and researches are continuously being conducted to decode the other factors that are associated with these seemingly harmless white dots on lips.

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The two most crucial agents that we must be avoiding are fungal and bacterial microbes. This is can be attained by practising the following:

  1. Do not let the sweat to be accumulated on your skin. This may serve as the breeding ground for fungal infection and bacteria.
  2. Keep your skin hydrated. Dryness will also cause flakiness in your skin and irritation.
  3. Be very particular about your food allergies. Do not force your body to consume something to which you are allergic.
  4. Be sure that the white spots or white bumps on the lips are not causing problems to other portions of the skin. Face swelling, jaw swelling, must be immediately reported to the doctors.
  5. Using random skin treatment products, you come across over the internet is a big NO. When in doubt, consult the experts. Do not try to prescribe your own medications.


The stubborn white spots sitting underneath your nose maybe a notch more annoying than you imagined. The white spots or bumps on the lips may arise due to a number of reasons. The two most common causes of white spots are fungus and bacterial interference. Anti-fungal and anti-viral ointments are the one-step solutions to such problems. Some of the serious health implications Fordyce bumps may have been- colorectal cancer and heart conditions.

If you have been affected by white spots on your lips, be sure to never pick on them. Do not scratch the spots as it may increase irritation. If the tiny bumps are filled with fluids and start to bleed, they may need immediate medical attention. moreover, never go for random skincare products. The chemicals present in different items may deteriorate the condition of the tiny white dots. Keep your body hydrated and healthy peeps.