Dwayne Johnson gained the ring name of “Rock” at the peak of his wrestling days. Who could have imagined the roughy-toughy wrestling personality would stand tall in the box-office game! And that is exactly what he eyed for. “Hercules” did justice to his wrestling days and “The scorpion king” busted the box office in the very first week.

It is needless to say what “The Fast and Furious” franchise was to The Rock. He captured the hearts of both the fitness freak and the cinephile alike. Well, cinephiles have to wait. The good news is that The Rock workout routine is here for all the health fanatics out there. Are you ready to sweat out like a boss?


The grinding and polishing of Dwayne Johnson’s started quite early. Being in a family of renowned wrestlers, the flair was flowing in his genes. Growing up with the example of his grandfather, Fanene Maivia- The High Chief, and watching his father inside the boxing ring, he was bounded to go for athletics. Young Dwayne was found promising in the game of football. But you cannot bypass destiny. Junior Johnson was deteriorating in football due to multiple and frequent injuries. Unable to see better prospects in playing football professionally, he devoted his time training for wrestling.

Dwayne Johnson initiated his wrestling career with WWE. His first fight in the ring was with Brooklyn Brawler which took place in Texas. The WWE crowned him with his first professional title- Flex Kavana. It was after he joined “The Nation of Domination” when he chose the infamous name “The Rock.” Becoming the finest artist of warfare, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.


The muscles and calves that we all aw over are not carved by the Greek God Aphrodite with chisel and hammer. The muscles are the result of all the hard works and dedication. The Rock is happy to share his bite of fitness knowledge with others. His inspiring body goals are often reflected on his Instagram.

Putting a cherry on top, he initiated The Rock workout gear to motivate his peeps for physical transformation. The pandemic catastrophe had geared up the sedentary lifestyle of the generation. We need guidance from the best and attempt to metamorphose the wrongs we already did to this body of ours. Here are some quick tips and tricks from The Rock’s workout routine.


The very first workout routine shared by Johnson is called the JUMANJI workout routine. This particular routine is concerned with perfecting the shape of your back, chest, and legs. Critical portions, right? Each one of us has a huge bank of knowledge about different forms of workouts and exercises.

To some extent, we can dig out which exercise or routine is beneficial to attain which particular body goal. But we are unable to sand our tactics to perfection without a perfect guide. This is where the Rock swooped in. The Jumanji routine is presented at your service:

  1. Arm Lat pulldown: Perfecting the posture of one’s back is crucial if you want to stand tall and look beyond. Neck humps or folded shoulders is a BIG no. Keep pace with the following and see your perfect body image coming to reality. One of the most effective back workouts from the Rock’s workout book is arm lat pull-down. Johnson gains the Thor-like position while doing this routine.He uses a hammer machine to isolate each portion of his back. Though it is not possible for those who follow a home workout regime to get hold of a hammer machine. In that case, one arm cable pulldown may be a relevant option for you. Dwayne Johnson recommends the arm lat pulldown to be continued for 3 sets with 15 reps in each one. Yes, it sounds challenging.
  2. Hammer high row: This workout is also named Charles glass-style hammer high row. The Rock said the proper way to do a hammer high row is to keep your shoulders parallel. The dumbbells are to be held in front of your waist in such a way that the palms of your hands are directly facing you.The next step is to raise the dumbbells to your chest. Now this one sounds quite easy. Maybe give it a try? Oh! But make sure to continue it for 4 sets with 12 reps in each set.
  3. Exercise for back extensions: Well, this one is a high alert exercise. Do not try to do it unless you are a pro or under anyone’s expert supervision. The back extension is usually done with your hands behind your head in an extremely tricky position. At the end of a proper back extension exercise, you will be getting a well-trained lower back. It is recommended to go for 4 sets of back hyper-extension exercises with 15 reps in one set. Go slow with this one.
  4. Incline flye: Sounds like something could not be done at home? You can make your own incline fly workout routine at home. Just put a bench in an inclined position with suspended cables. Adjust the bench so that it is perpendicular to your torso. Now go make some muscles. A similar routine is advised for incline fly. Make sure you are doing 4 sets of the workout with 12 reps in each of them.
  5. One-arm incline press: The rock has been found using a hammer strength for a one-arm incline press. But there is always some good advice from Johnson. He asked people to go for dumbbells for stimulation. And even when the dumbbells are not easy to come by, make use of anything that can handle your one-arm presses.A 3-set routine with 10 reps in each will transform your body and give your mind a serotonin boost. Some other chest workout routines elaborated by The Rock are flat dumbbell press, standing cable flye, etc.
  6. Single leg lying workouts: The Rock workout regime talks about the importance of a leg curling machine for carrying out this specific set. But we say go for any seated leg curl if your gym is not equipped with a leg curler. Again a 4 sets pattern with 12 reps in each set is followed. It is time to stop drooling over the cutting calves of the superstars and build your own.Several other workout plans are formulated to consolidate the practice of muscle building. Glute ham raises the tops of the Rock workout plan for legs. Vertical leg press and walking lunges may prove to be beneficial if you are ready the sweat a little harder on your Monday mornings.

One of the most crucial things to be remembered when carrying out the Rock workout plan is that Johnson always asks to take seconds of break. There’s no point straining out muscles in the first thirty minutes of a workout. A break of 20 to 30 seconds is usually recommended between each set. Though a long break of 90 seconds is advised when you are repping for your chest.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson shared some other legendary workout plans for his followers. Read and follow his “Inside Iron Paradise” workout plan.



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The Rock is in the best shape of his life, as he mentioned in his latest Instagram post. The 46-year-old Fast and Furious star remained a Greek god of dreams for all the gym freaks. We know about the toughest workouts he follows to maintain his bulging muscles. His day typically starts at 4:30 in the morning. One needs an unearthly power to get the newbies to get getting during these hours.

The Rock exercise starts with an hour of the cardio round before his breakfast bell rings. Now coming to the interesting part. Dwayne does not believe in rushing to the gym every single day of the week. He would hit it five or six times. His gym routines are also categorized. He is often found engaged with the regime of weight-lifting. Though he is strangely against the belief of pulling up any weight insight without in motif and plan.

The “Independent” magazine says that the Rock works out for almost an hour and thirty minutes a day. Well, sometimes the time stretches if he decides to hit the workout a second time at night. Read about the Rock’s weekly workout routine.


the rock diet plan

No amount of exercise and workout plan will be enough if you are not eating the right amount of food with all the essential nutrients. You cannot survive only with the help of protein shakes. The A-List athletes of the world are dead against building bodies with food supplements instead of the actual foods.

The carbs and fats get on our nerves and the next best thing we think about is starving ourselves. Living on 6 times protein shakes should not be an option. Additionally, having a cheat day once or twice will not wreck your hard work. Don’t be so hard on your mind.

You will be relieved to know that The Rock is a fan of carbs. While prepping for his role in the movie “Hercules”, the former wrestler was seen gulping down protein-rich meals at all hours of the day. His Instagram stories are evidence of how big a pizza fan is he. We cannot argue there though.

To help you plan your next moves towards a healthy body transformation, here are some tips and strategies from Rock’s diet plan. If you want to maintain your body weight without gaining some extra mass, the following Rock diet is a perfect fit for you:

  1. The first meal: The first meal of the day must be an energy booster. Johnson goes for a 10 oz steak (an oz is roughly equal to 30 grams), bowls of oatmeal, three egg whites paired with one complete egg. To finish with, have a glass full of watermelon juice.
  2. The second meal: If you’re following the rock workout plan, please have a fair share of protein during this second meal. Dwayne would dig for two servings of chicken with bell peppers. Some mushrooms and broccoli are also welcomed in the second meal of the day. Finish it with a large serving of protein shake.
  3. The third meal: Maybe Dwayne likes the third meal of the day to be kind of FISHY. Literally. 8 oz salmon is a common serving for this time of the day. Some asparagus tips are also included in the menu. A fair quantity of egg whites (no yolk please if you are not calling for a cholesterol hike). And carbs. A bowl of rice is necessary for this time. The carbohydrate will make the energy pathways smooth. Trust Rock on this.
  4. The fourth meal: The goodness of red meat is misunderstood by most members of the fitness industry. So go for your second 10 oz of steak just like your Rock does. The red meat could be paired with the qualities of boiled potatoes in this meal. Welcoming the replenishment of orange juice will not be a bad choice when it is accompanied by Vitamin C.
  5. The fifth and final meal: The final meal of the day should be a protein shock for the body. Dwayne Johnson’s cookbook prescribes taking 10 egg whites as your last meal of the day if you are not aiming for a mass gain.

Every athlete and sportsperson is talking about the importance of carbs and other nutrients in our daily diet. You should not be cutting the goodness of the essential nutrients based on mere misinformation. Don’t believe us? Consult your fitness trainer or nutritionist now.


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been our most favourite WWE fighter. He continues to be a chief in the athletic and cinematic universe. The fitness fanatics are never upset by his constant upshot of encouraging posts and series present all over the internet. The vigour of the Rock workout routine is there for you to plan your next fitness strategy.