The Treasure Of The Good Morning Exercise

good morning exercises


While sitting in your moral values lecture while you were a child, you must have heard your teacher emphasise performing good morning exercises as being a good habit. With time, however, as we grow, we tend to overlook the lessons we’ve learnt in our childhood. Parents and grandparents always encourage their children and their grand ones to inculcate the habit of waking up early and doing good morning exercise early at dawn.

But how many of us really follow up? Just a little fraction of youngsters and adults. As implied by Statista about research by the Bureau of Labor Statistics of 2019, only 19.3 % of the US population used to be engaged in some sort of physical activity or exercising each day. It is evident from his adat that only a minute population is concerned about their health and lifestyle when it comes to exercising.

We all are aware of the windfalls of good morning exercise. Physical activity is crucial for our bodies. Maintaining a stagnant lifestyle might lead you to trouble in the coming gears of your life. As our elders gave constantly affirmed, exercise has myriad benefits whilst requiring a little effort on our part.

Not just pathology, or physiology, exercise has magnificent effects on the brain of people. Psychologists have perpetually been enthusiastic about discovering the benefits of good morning exercise. Scholars from Duke University have recognised the imperial outcomes of exercise on mental health and depression. Mental health is a very crucial growling field of study. Various clinicians and scholars have given their contributions to the field by experimenting on various issues over time. Good morning exercise is one of them.

Well will certainly come back to the privileges of good morning exercise later in the blog, first, let us understand what good morning exercise is.

What is a Good Morning Exercise?

Rise above the good morning texts that you’ve been sending and receiving, take up the routine Good Morning exercise to net in a healthful lifestyle. Surely, exercising at dawn is the most profitable thing you would do, but this set of exercises is Sureshot a step ahead of that too. Basically, the Good morning exercise is a form of exercise of hip-hinge.

Hip-hinge is essentially functional locomotion that prevails to be a beneficial exercise. Bending over whilst placing a barbell over your shoulder, putting the weight over those legs while stretching your hips out and then fastening back to the standing position is how you do it. Just as easy as getting out of bed, placing your feet on the ground, then clasping your backbone before you hurl your hips out to stand.

This description would have you understand the fundamental positioning of your body. Don’t worry! There’s a descriptive guide below. First, let us get into the details of why this good morning workout is great for you and your life altogether.

Why the Good Morning Exercise?

Without any further ado, let’s get straight to the point. A good morning workout is the best exercise to prevent injuries. When put in the works of various gymnasts and instructors, we would describe the same as being perfect for strengthening the glutes and hamstrings.

Not only this, as the excuse takes form, it is evident that it has an impact on the legs, hips and shoulders of the person. For long enough, people have been turning a blind eye towards this exercise because of the fear of back injury.

As described at, the good morning exercise has another name of ‘hip hinging as it operates from the waist and resembles the Romanian Deadlift. Following are tested and verified windfall of the good morning’s workout.

Advantages of the Good Morning Exercise:

  • The exercise puts weight on the legs muscles and waist and glutes of the person along with strengthening the hamstrings. As the form is based on the backside of the body, it strengthens the back of the person commonly referred to as the posterior chain.
  • Glutes, that is butt muscles, and hamstrings, that is the muscles at the back of your thighs is strengthened to a great extent by the good morning exercise.
  • The muscles that play a crucial role in various sports such a football, sprinting, athletics, jumping jacks, shot put or throwing a ball are all bolstered to a considerable degree.
  • Good morning challenges your back and gives your core a robust strengthening deed.
  • The entire back is at the target of this exercise. Hence, if you are someone who wishes to get a tough and intense back endurance, try your hand out at this amazing exercise.
  • Joel Seedman, a workout physiologist explains the beneficial deeds of the good morning workout as ” It really creates strong engagement of the entire posterior chain, all the muscles of the back, all the spinal stabilizers that prevent spinal flexion.”
  • Hitting the gym and not able to get a hack of squads and Deadlift even if you are incredibly determined to? Well, try out the good morning exercise. It might as well aid other exercises that require vigorous strength in the legs and thigh muscles.
  • Good morning exercise helps you overcome the uncertainty of exercises that require upper back and lower back stabilization.
  • If done properly with precision, the Good Mornings are the most favourable choice of the wise.

Now, let’s get into the detail of performing the good morning.

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How to do the Good Morning Exercise?

good morning exercise barbell

The complete nitty-gritty of the Good Morning is given below. Give it a thorough reading meticulously to acquire precision when you perform it.

  • Step 1: startup with the squat stance and keep a good distance between the legs equal to the shoulder. Now you put up the barbell across your shoulder. This is the time your prep for the final move, hold tight and take a deep breath. With this tighten your core.
  • Step 2: Once done placing the barbell, it’s time for you to make the move. Initiate the motion by slowly cracking at your waist. Now, bend forward until you reach a position of 15° above parallel corresponding to the ground. Shins at this moment will stand vertical while knees can be bent slightly at the bottom.
  • Step 3: It now turns for what most people term as the most difficult portion of this exercise. Snap your hips forward and snap back to the original standing position.

While you might find a barbell scary at the beginning, remember that this exercise can be done with other props too. We’ll take you through other additives too, read on!

Good Morning Exercise with band

good morning exercise band

It is completely fine if you are not comfortable clenching a heavy barbell over your shoulders. There are various alternatives to appropriately follow this exercise. Grab a resistance band and get going!

Step 1: A resistance band is a perfect replacement for a barbell. Clasp a resistance band and put it across the back of your neck. The other end of the resistance band goes down below your feet. Remember to place both your feet on the band and make the grip firm or it might hurt you bad.

Step 2: the next step follows the same, break at your waist, bend forward, hips pushed out, bend until your upper body is parallel to the ground (focused- chest).

Step 3: Again, shove the hips forward, lift up your body to the original standing position.

Step 4: Repeat the same for about 2 repetitions.

This exercise targets the groin area, lower back, hip flexors, glutes, and hamstrings altogether in one go. The only equipment required here is just the resistance band and you can perform it anywhere, be it gym, house, office or an open space or anywhere for that matter. The exercise is easy with no additional skills to learn. Isn’t that great?

Good morning with dumbbells:

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of dumbbell good mornings, let us make it clear firsthand that dumbbells can be held in two different ways for the good morning workout:

  1. The very first way is to simply hold it by your chest, the collarbone should be the area around which you put it.
  2. Another way is to put the dumbbells behind the neck. Now this one might seem risky if you’re holding a heavyweight dumbbell.

Follow up these step by step instructions to perform the good morning exercise with dumbbells.

Step1: take up a stance with your feet distant up to the shoulder width. You might as well widen this distance if you wish to have a direct impact on the hamstrings. Now put the dumbbell to your chest or behind your neck, whichever is suitable for you.

Step 2: Bend your legs scarcely and keep your back straight. With that, follow the same rules- break at waist, bend over with hips thrown out.

Step 3: bend over until the upper body is parallel to the ground, now growl back to the standing position again.

Good mornings are no rocket science. They are as easy as bending over a little and then fastening back straight up.

Done with the how-to of the exercise, please note the following instructions carefully:

  • Before setting the floor for the good morning exercise, you must be well aware of the squat position and functioning. The most significant role to remember is to keep your back straight and a tightened core. This will eliminate certain changes of injury.
  • If you find going down parallel extremely risky and nerve-wracking, stop at about 15° above the parallel. This will help you gain confidence and would further tighten your core.
  • For beginners, starting off with a weight that’s 25% of the back squat wrought would do just fine. Aim to reach up to at least 50% of your back squat weight.
  • Trying out the good morning with a straight leg might lead to excessive pressure on your lower back thereby increasing the possibility of injury.
  • Last, not least, take small steps and confide in your strength and ability. Do not perform until you are ready for it.

Why Good Morning Exercise should be a part of your workout session?

As simple as it seems, the good morning workout is categorised under the advanced group of exercises. Hence, they are the most to be done during the warm-up of the workout session. Various fitness enthusiasts emphasize the benefit of inculcating good mornings into the routine workout. The lower portion of the body being the aim, it helps prepare your lower body for the intense workout session.

Start with low weight and gradually increase to a foundational mass to keep the development going. All the best & Stay Strong.