Is Chinen salt effective for diabetes?

chinen salt for diabetes


At this time, the whole country is facing a crisis because of the COVID-19 pandemic where maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the best way to make things better. All we want is that little better health, with a better smile on our faces. Starting from the beginning, Chinen salt is one of the most powerful herbs that is used to maintain blood sugar levels in our body.

It is one of the ancient Chinese medications used by people to tackle Diabetes. Chinen salt for diabetes is considered as one of the best traditional ways to tackle this imbalance and is quite helpful according to traditional claims and demands.

What is Chinen salt?

To begin with, Chinen salt is not a salt that is used for cooking, rather it is picked up as a medicine and is known for its medicinal effects. It is made up of berberine chloride which is quite popular in traditional Chinese medicines. Most of the time, Chinen salt is considered the same as pink Himalayan salt or a flavour enhancer named Monosodium Glutamate, but it is quite different from them. It is basically not meant to give you a good culinary experience but you will be able to derive a whole lot of medicinal benefits.

What is its composition?

Chinen salt has three minerals that are highly effective on consumption:

  • Magnesium: It helps in sugar, fats, and starch digestion as well as stabilizes the sugar level in the blood.
  • Chromium: The main role is the conversion of carbohydrates into glucose and is highly effective for the treatment of diabetes.
  • Manganese: This element also helps in maintaining blood glucose levels in the body.

Apart from these minerals, Chinen salt also contains two more compounds– Sodium Chloride and Sodium Nitrate.

What is Chinen salt used for?

  1. Maintaining Blood Sugar Level:

This is the reason why Chinese medicines use this as one of their prime ingredients in medicines to treat Diabetes. As it is mentioned earlier, this salt has certain elements that are used to treat or maintain the blood sugar level in the body.

2. Cures Acne and pimples:

This salt is great for skin problems. If you get excess oil and sebum deposits on your skin and you have tried a lot of products to get that even look but you did not get that glow-up, then Chinen salt would be best for you. It clears your skin and gives you a clean and toned face. It helps in the transportation of nutrients to your cells and this gives you the best possible look.

3. Improves Digestion:

It cleanses your stomach, helps the food to pass clearly without any hesitation. It provides you with a nice digestive tract. It stimulates the digestive glands and enhances the secretion of enzymes to ensure that the food is properly digested. It stimulates the production of Hydrochloric acid in the stomach and assists the process of digesting food.

4. Very effective against muscular cramps:

Basically, a muscle cramp occurs when you strain your body, put in any unbalanced force, overdo a physical activity or when you are dehydrated. So, to balance the electrolytes, salt contains minerals like sodium and potassium and prevents cramps. Magnesium also helps in fighting cramps.

5. Maintains good PH balance:

The elements present in the company are very effective for maintaining a healthy PH balance in the body. PH stands for potenz of Hydrogen. Blood is slightly basic and Chinen Salt helps in maintaining a good ph balance in the body. There is always a problem in balancing PH but this Salt helps in maintaining it.

Where can you buy Chinen salt?

Practically it is not quite easy to get Chinen salt, especially not in general stores. The demand for this salt is quite not high and that is why its marketing is less. Chinen Salt for Diabetes is good and mostly requires a lot of Counselling to get the right product. You can get them in medicine stores in form of tablets for better use and there is a possibility that medical stores would have them as it is mostly a medicinal product.

You can get them from the internet but then you must also follow your duty as a responsible customer. You have to See the ingredients properly, search for the companies on the internet, and do prior research. Make sure that you do not fall into a trap or a marketing gimmick rather you use your customer acumen and get the desired product.

We will not annex any link here, but you must also go through it before buying. Do not purchase the item if you find any sort of irrelevance in the mentioned product. Also, do not focus or fall into false traps, you may face problems. Go for the most genuine product available in the market and then use it in a restricted manner.

How much Chinen salt should be consumed?

According to science, salt should not be consumed more than a full teaspoon. In most cases, the same goes for Chinen salt. See, salt is only to add a distinctive taste to the food and the same goes for Chinen salt. People having Certain health conditions should consume salt in a restricted manner and mostly you should also consume Chinen salt the same way you consume other salts. Chinen salt is not the table salt you have in your kitchen but also it is not confidentially proclaimed as the best salt that would be consumed in large quantities.

Well, the use of Chinen salt for Diabetes solely depends on the consumer. Some health benefits have been mentioned earlier, but also you should keep one thing in mind that you don’t over consume it so that you face some other problems. It is advisable that consume this salt in a restricted manner and also make sure that you stop using it when you do not find it worth it.

What do researchers say about Chinen salt?

Though there is an evidential crisis to fully declare Chinen salt as the best salt available still it is better than most of the salts available in the general stores. Scientists have not yet confirmed the benefits of the salt but traditional Chinese medicines have been using this salt as a prime treatment for diabetics. There are also substantial claims in Chinese medicines that the users of this salt are highly benefited. It is often considered the same as Himalayan salt but there are quite different complexities and compositions between these salts.

Still, research on this salt is in progress and after some years it would be clear and the usage would be certified by science.

Once you start consuming this salt, make sure that you notice the changes in your lifestyle after a certain period. Do not expect the best results in a week or a month, keep using it unless you see some health benefits. Stop using it if you have already faced any related health issues.

What other exercises should we do apart from consuming this salt?

Our lifestyle plays the most vital role in our daily lives. A school of healthy and sociable habits gives us the best outcomes. Among the best lifestyle habits, exercise plays a very crucial role in maintaining a healthy body.

Some of the best alternatives are:


No wonder why India is the country where yoga has been originated. Yogic asanas and postures have tremendously contributed to a good and healthy life. People since time immemorial have been practising yoga on a daily basis and have derived the best possible outcomes from it. Yoga truly energies the mind, body, and soul of an organism.

But because of these extraordinary inventions and the advent of technology, people have started getting enslaved by it. We spend most of our time eating junk food, following all unhealthy practices and this contributes to unhealthy circumstances. So add these yogic postures or asanas to your daily routine and let us know the benefits you derived from them.

1. Suryanamskar

surya namaskar

These are highly effective for diabetes or any other kind of body ailment. Surya namaskar is a composition of ten yogic postures where the alignment of body and breath is synchronized. These 10 asanas are very effective for the overall well-being of the body.

2. Pranayam

pranayam for diabetes

Some efficient breathing techniques that are done for the unification of body and mind are highly effective. Do three pranayam for ten minutes each and you will see a lot of health benefits and a positive perspective to things. They are kapalbhatti, anulom vilom, and agnisaar. These pranayams are very effective for your health.

  • Physical Exercises:

Be it a brisk morning walk in the woods or a good jog for some hours, physical exercises are very good for human health. After you wake up in the morning, have a peaceful set of yogic asanas and get yourself out for a quick little jog to ensure that you remain healthy. You can also get out for a jog and perform yoga and pranayam. Twist your body, stretch yourself and practice discipline to do it regularly.

  • Other eating habits:

Chinen salt would not be effective if you some a lot of meat, oily and greasy pieces of stuff all day. Chinen salt is ineffective if you munch on street food the whole day because they are the reason which would make you feel bad about your health. Try to avoid all the packaged, instant food or drinks that have only adverse effects on your health. Chinen salt for diabetes is great only if your other practices and habits are healthy.

Try to consume more leafy vegetables, fruits, and fibres daily. Have some nuts, sprouts, and if possible some herbs in your diet. Hydrate yourself properly and most importantly have a baby sleep every time. Do not gaze up on your screen all the time and watch movies during the nighttime. The night is for a peaceful sleep.

  • Other Healthy Habits:

Sleep is crucial and important. Do not sleep for some hours to save time. It would be a non-sensitive act. Sleep for at least six to eight hours in a fixed time. The reason is your body would maintain its diurnal cycle. Sleep at a fixed time, preferably early in the night so that you wake up early, get a good sun shower and do your exercises. This would be good for both your physical and mental health.

Always have your meals at a fixed time. Do not skip any meal and probably have a healthy and balanced diet. Avoid foods that have excess sugar, salt, or spices and add more water and fibres to them. Avoid foods that are too spicy or unhealthy and which are difficult for digestion.

If you are someone who has a job where you have to sit for long hours, then avoid sitting for long hours. Rather, keep walking in between hours to ensure that you do not get lethargic over some time. Have seasonal fruits, shower daily, and meditate if possible to get the best health you deserve.


Chinen salt for diabetes is a traditional Chinese Medicine that has powerful and medicinal herbs like Berberine. It is healthy and effective to maintain blood sugar levels in your body. It has other health benefits too. If you still get cynical about the use and effectiveness of Chinen salt you can conduct research on yourself and find accurate results.

Or you can prefer to refer a medical practitioner. Chinen salt has a lot of medicinal properties, is good for your health, and might have some side effects. Apart from this, the consumption of this salt is under preference but avoids overconsumption. Overconsuming may cause other health problems and that would be a cause of more restrictions and strictness.

Apart from that, do regular exercises, sleep properly, eat healthy, hydrate, and practice meditating techniques. Follow a healthy lifestyle, practise good habits like reading, writing or focus on a skill to grow healthy and happy. Buildingbeast.