burpees workout program


The very first day we hit the gym, we could not hold back the zeal to use every instrument at once. And what disgust when the trainer comes with a long list of Dos and Don’ts! We know what happens in that mind then. The fitness and health industry is not a velvety stretch. It involves as much science and measurement, as space technology withholds. But for different states of affairs.

The burpees that are so frequently advised for fat-burning come with their backpack of history and science. In the following sections, we will try to reveal some of the most important facts and myths about burpees.


We know the chiselled bodies of Greek Gods are every gym rat’s dream, but burpees originated in the heart of New York. Did you know Burpee was someone’s last name? Neither did we! The burpee exercise is named after the US-based physiologist Royal Huddleston Burpee.

He was responsible for the development of the burpees test in the latter half of the 1930s. A whole decade later the words of burpees exercise spread like a wildfire. The US army refused to wait a minute longer.

They saw the burpees workout plan to be a potential test in the recruitment process in the US forces. Apart from the military fitness test, athletes and bodybuilders equally talk about the effectiveness of the workout plan. All hail Sir Burpee for clustering multiple goodnesses into one package, no matter how strenuous it may become.


The burpees workout constitutes the central portion of strength training programs. If we speak scientifically, burpees could be defined as a form of squat thrust intervened by additional stands between reps. Burpees workouts engage every muscle of the human body. Imagine the adrenaline rush.

A single burpee exercise could be considered as a unit of the entire workout plan. Physiologists across the world are bewildered by the interplay of aerobic and anaerobic mechanisms in the burpee’s workout routine. each unit of the workout plan, that is one burpee jump is found to be anaerobic. But when executed in a chain, the burpees build up to be aerobic pattern workouts.

Even though there are different variants created from the original Burpees workout, a common method is followed by all of them. This is known as the four-count burpee. A burpees workout should always be carried out on a levelled platform. A burpee could be dismantled into four distinguished steps starting from a standing position:

  1. Taking a squat position with hands touching the ground
  2. Steadily shifting the legs into a plank position with hands still touching the ground
  3. bringing the feet into the original squat position
  4. Regaining the standing position.

Extending the feet in a plank position in the second step and urgently bringing it back to the squat position is referred to as a squat thrust in the burpee’s workout plan. Near about 20 different variants of burpee’s workout are listed. Take a burpee challenge with Men’s Health.  Some of the varieties are:

  1. Box-jump burpee:

    This could be regarded as the contemporary variation of fitness art. Here, the squat thrust is performed in the confinement of a box. What could be better than this for a fitness reel challenge!

  2. Push-up Burpee:

    pushup burpee workout plan
    The perfect burpee workout variation for the daddy cools. The athletes go for a quick push-up after regaining the plank position in the burpee workout.

  3. Long-jump burpee:

    This proves to be something spicy who are bored from their regular gym routines. All the four steps of a burpee workout remain the same, EXCEPT the athletes are supposed to jump forward instead of jumping upwards in this variation.

  4. One-arm burpee:

    This variation is perfect for all the rebels. Why go for a regular burpee when you can do it just with a single hand? Next time ask your trainer to look over when you’re completing the burpees workout with one hand. Yes, one hand even for the push-up.

  5. One-leg burpee:
    single leg burpee workout
    Yet another rebellious act will be going for a one-leg burpee. Trained athletes are standing on one foot and attempt to touch the ground while aligning their shoulders. A backward jolt is needed next to extend the standing leg to a plank position. If you could master up to this, the rest will follow.


Burpees are the workout we love to hate. There is a hell of a lot of difference between reading about burpees workout step by step on the internet and actually executing the same. With the basic 4 steps along with various modifications added on through the years, burpees prove to be one of the most effective workout regimes on their own.

When burpees are paired with other rounds of exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, squats, and planks be sure that all the muscles of your body are sweating. The burpees workout plan is a regime on its own that does not even require one to leave their room. A home workout with burpees would be as effective as a full-time gym routine. Now is the time to nurture your second thoughts about quitting the gym.

Let’s hear from the expert. A Toronto-based professor and trainer, Lee Boyce highlights that a burpee workout plan can be a one-stop solution for all our fitness goals. Being an excellent strategy for calorie burning, burpee exercise can be practised by bulky body types to gain extraordinary results. And the best property of such exercise is that it does not require any instrument.

You can always gear up your routine burpee workout with some push-ups or pull-ups. Plan your next 31-day workout regime. Do not forget to go slow but steady. It is always advised to consult a fitness trainer before trying your hands with strength-based exercises. Strength pieces of training are always strenuous and if your body is not ready for the extra strain, long medical bills may be waiting for you.


The king of short, sharp, and effective exercise is hard to master, especially if you are a newbie to the fitness world. The physiologists and sports scientists normally ask trainees to be handy with other bodyweight exercises before jumping for the burpee’s regime. It is important to strengthen the muscles of the body for the strain burpees are going to introduce to your body.

No matter how fluent you are with other strenuous activities in the gym, burpee will hit you hard. The body will feel the thrust applied to its legs, abs, and chest; it will pipe out all the air from your lungs. But isn’t that actually the thing we need? A complete bodyweight workout routine that could be done in the luxury of your home. Also, it will cut the cost you have to pay for the gym equipment.

And we understood this agonizing program is a MUST in your workout plan. Men’s Health provided an extended version of the original burpee workout design which is a game-changer for your fitness:

  1. While squatting down from a standing position your thighs must be parallelly aligned to the floor below
  2. Your palms should be placed in between your feet so your body can take the shock while you jump to a plank position
  3. You must try to keep your arms sturdy and extended while assuming an extended plank position (shoulder dislocation alert)
  4. Regain the squat shock position almost immediately
  5. Jump up in the air in victory but squat down to the ground for the next step
  6. Keeping a solid core is crucial if you don’t want your hips jiggling while throwing an extended plank.


As a burpee workout regime does not engage the use of gym equipment, it cuts down the chances of injury by twenty per cent. Yes, just twenty percent. If you ask why you need to dig deeper into the various bodyweight-based exercise routines. A pull, a strain, and you may have to count your physician’s bill for months.

It will be an intelligent choice to go throw the pros and cons of a new training regime before rolling up your sleeves. Here are some of the common mistakes we make during our burpee workouts that may lead to injuries:

  1. Say NO to heel jumping: You are putting yourself at a lot of risks if you practice heel jumping. Physiologically your heels are not designed to carry the entire weight of the body. You will be putting strain on your ankles and knees. Ligament injuries are common if you practice such mistakes.The fitness trainers first train you how to use the balls of your feet in jumping. It is the safest way for a burpee jump.
  2. Warm-up is essential: Not only for a burpee workout routine, but it is also essential to do your warm-ups before any form of strength training. Why? Because it heats the body and makes it flexible to withstand shocks during the actual workout. Practising high-knees, leg raises, fix-spot running is recommended as warm-up exercises for burpees.
  3. Go for easier variations: It is important to be handy with easier variations of the original workout routine. Being ambitious towards one’s body goals is impressive but know when you injure your ankles. Try your hands on the initial variation before going for the ultimate fitness challenge.
  4. Proper arm landing: It will take some time before you can master this complexity of burpee. You will often find your shoulder and joint swollen red. Avoid this by reducing the impact while you jump to and from the extended squat position.
  5. Maintaining an optimum intensity: It is essential that burpees are done at a faster pace. Doing it with a minimum intensity will not burn enough calories. Though burpees did with lower intensity do not cause any injury, but what is the point of doing such a tough job if the net result is ultimately zero.
  6. Hold a body form: being wobbly during the first two rounds is expected if you are a newcomer to the burpees squad. But try to get your position right. It will help bypass the unnecessary strains.

To bust the myths related to the burpee’s workout plan read Click Here. No matter what people say, burpees are not potentially DANGEROUS if you are doing it right. It is recommended for the newbies to not try doing anything out of their league with strength exercises. Always go for a fitness consultation with your trainer if you’re being enthusiastic about burpees’ workout. Sweat out in your reps with burpee then.

The Los Angeles-based fitness trainer, Ben Bruno, revealed that there is nothing called a bad exercise. It is just the incorrect application that makes it difficult for us to carry out the exercise. Bruno has been training celebrities from all over Hollywood. He revealed his dislike for burpees along with a handful of other exercises. The fitness industry is still excavating the good and bad of the age-old burpee reps.


The procedure may seem easy to execute when you’re reading it curled on your couch. Only when you touch the floor, you will know why the athletes are so frustrated over the burpee’s workout routine. But no matter how we choose to hate it, burpees are the king of all bodyweight-based strength training. A lot of other variations of burpees are present, with varying degrees of difficulty.

It is advised to master the primary levels before jumping to the ultimate level. The burpee’s exercises engage every muscle of the body. The legs, the arms, and even the lungs are found tired after just a few proper reps. Fitness trainers and professionals considered the burpee’s workout routine to be a complete regime of its own.

Without the involvement of any gym equipment, it can accomplish all the demands of a certain body goal. Want to try a few reps of burpee exercise the next morning? Just put on your tracks and let’s do it. And do it right.