How Can I Stimulate my Hair Follicles for Hair Growth?

How Can I Stimulate my Hair Follicles for Hair Growth?

Hair growth and hair loss are highly discussed topics these days. Poor diet, lifestyle choices, stress, and environmental pollution have rendered us incapable of having gorgeous hair like our mothers and grandmothers used to.

Thick, black shiny hair is often the result of good hair care and a lot of other factors such as good health and a good environment for the hair to grow. Thankfully, these days there are so many solutions in the market to help us with hair growth such as hair serums, and products like Morning Lark Caffeine Concentrate Scalp Solution.

These products help by stimulating the hair follicles and reactivating them to regenerate hair growth. This helps in not only combating issues such as hair fall, hair loss, hair loss in patterns, and bald spots, it also helps improve the overall health of the hair and extends the hair growth cycle so that you enjoy thick and luscious hair.

Hair Loss in Men and Women

In most places of the world, people are battling early greys, premature hair loss, premature baldness, receding hairlines, and hair thinning. There are so many reasons for this to happen such as:

  1. Poor Diet

A good and healthy diet is pivotal to keep any organ of our body functions. Even for hair growth, the link between a good diet that is rich in protein, vitamins, and essential amino acids helps in keeping hair stronger and preventing hair loss.

Junk food and fad diets can cause sudden stress to the internal body parts and send the body to starvation and preservation mode, which directly affects the hair, skin, and nail quality, often seen as the first indicators of bad health.

  1. External Environment

An environment filled with pollution, bad water, smoke, dust, and chemically treated products can harm the hair more than anything. This can cause premature baldness, hair loss, premature greying and so many other symptoms.

  1. Stress Factor

Stress factors are mostly directed towards physical and mental stress such as a hormonal imbalance in the body, lack of exercise, lack of sleep, mental restlessness and anxiety, depression. All of these conditions can render bad hair with hair loss and thinning of hair.

Hair Follicle Stimulation

The best and most effective method to get through the hair is through the scalp and the hair follicles in it. Hair growth is possible with the use of some of the most potent solutions such as the Morning Lark Caffeine Concentrate Scalp Solution.

The magic with this simple solution is the key ingredient which is caffeine. Caffeine helps in increasing the hair life by increasing the length of the growth phase of the hair life cycle. This simple method helps to keep the hair stronger and grow better.

Caffeine is also a potent solution to treat problems such as Androgenetic Alopecia and Pattern Baldness. By keeping the hair in the growth phase for a longer time, this solution can help retain the thickness as well as correct impending hair growth problems in the scalp.

Regular usage of the scalp solution can help give stronger and thicker hair that tends to break less and grows faster. This magical product is one of the most potent solutions to hair fall and to help grow hair faster and stronger.