Top Sexy Workout Clothes for Men Who Love Fitness

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Gyms are slowly starting to reopen after the pandemic, making it the perfect time to give your men’s activewear and men’s workout gear a serious refresh. Sexy workout clothes for men are all over social media, with celebrities and influencers alike snapping shameless selfies at the gym. Today’s men’s fitness apparel has evolved from gym-only styles to everyday casuals, blending the lines between gym clothing and nightlife attire.

If you’re thinking about updating your workout bag or taking the plunge into the men’s fitness sphere, there’s no better time than now to do it! Today you can find workout stores like Differio that offer a great selection of sexy men’s workout clothes. You can find gym clothes men wear for pretty much all activity styles – dance, rowing, cycling, yoga, and more.

With a closet full of hot and new men’s athletic wear, you’ll be ready in no time to hit the gym and smash your workout goals – and possibly rework this men’s fitness apparel into your going-out rotation. Whether you’re a fitness newbie or pro athlete, check out these top trending styles of sexy workout clothes for men that’ll pump up your body.

Muscle Tank Tops

If you’re into men’s workout clothes and bodybuilding clothing, workout tank tops are a seriously sexy men’s activewear top for any athlete. You already know that once you’re deep in your workout, there’s no stopping the sweat from showing on your men’s gym clothes. Workout tank tops for men help boost your performance by making it easier for you to lift heavy weights or move your arms. Moreover, men’s muscle tank tops have become an eye-catching staple in the nightclub scene, making them one of the most versatile activewear essentials for any man.

Sheer Mesh Hoodies

If you’re hitting the gym at 4 AM and want to keep a low profile, hoodies are a must-have gym essential among men’s athletic wear. You can throw it on over the rest of your men’s workout clothes, whether you’re lifting weights or cooling down. Additionally, sheer mesh hoodies are an even sexier staple for not only men’s activewear but also for grabbing drinks with friends. You can wear a fishnet hoodie over any workout tank top for a modest look, or worn alone for a more daring look. Moreover, any men’s athletic clothing with a hint of sheerness can be perfect for a sporty party look for clubs and festivals.

Skinny Track Pants

Among sexy workout clothes for men, men’s skinny track pants are one of the few men’s gym clothes that you can also wear for virtually any occasion – gym to the bar. Track pants are not only a trendy staple great for exercising, but also for the going-out scene. Moreover, these men’s workout clothes are great for highlighting the legs with a slightly more subtle fit compared to meggings.

Men’s Swim Briefs

Sometimes, you just need a trip to the pool or sauna to relax your muscles, which also calls for men’s gym clothes suitable for swimming. Swim briefs (aka speedos for men) are a sexy staple in the world of men’s athletic wear. Plus, they’re small in size, making it so easy to throw into your gym bag – or even your back pocket. (You never know when you’ll want to throw on men’s swim briefs for an evening swim!) Even better, swim briefs are without a doubt one of the sexiest men’s activewear styles ideal for any summertime pool party. It’s simply one of the best styles of gym clothes for men to show off your physique.