8 Effective Ways To Get Rid of Double Chin

how to get rid of double chin

Double chin is one of the major problems that most of us are facing. It is basically a layer of fat below our chin that makes our face look fat and uneven. How to get rid of a double chin? There are some effective ways you should follow to get rid of a double chin or neck fat. Before getting into those effective tips let’s know more about this problem.

What Causes Double Chin?

A layer of submental fat below our chin is known as double chin which is basically caused during weight gain. According to a survey from prnewswire.com 47% of people are affected by the fat below their chin. Below are some major causes of the double chin problem.

  • Age

The human skin starts losing its elasticity along with the age. Several studies proved that 72% of aged people are having a double chin problem. We can say that increase in age makes our face duller and fatty.

  • Diet & Weight

A double chin is just a layer of body fat. People with more weight have a very high chance of getting double chin problems. Also, diet can be a major cause of double chin problems. If you are having an unhealthy diet, then you are storing bad fat on your body. It can cause you a double chin problem.

  • Genetics

Weight gain is not always the cause of neck fat. Sometimes this problem occurs due to genetics also. If anyone in your family has this problem before then you can also be affected by this.

  • Posture

Having weak face muscles due to the wrong posture can also lead to double chin problems. Due to no use of muscles, skin loses its elasticity which causes fat.

Best Exercises To Get Rid of Double Chin

To get rid of your neck fat, you must have to perform some facial exercises which are really beneficial. Also, you can easily perform these exercises at home without any equipment. We are going to know about the 8 best exercises to target our double chin.

1. The Pouting Stretch

Pouting stretch is an effective exercise to train your chin and neck muscles.

How to do

  • Stand straight, push your bottom lip outward to form a pouting face. Hold in this position for 3 to 5 seconds.
  • Now tilt your chin towards your chest by using your neck muscles.
  • Do not move your upper back during this move. Now pause in this position for 2 to 3 seconds.

Relax and repeat the exercises again 10 to 15 times until your neck feels the stretch.

 2. Chewing Gum

Many of us have a habit of gum chewing daily but do you know that chewing gum can help you get a perfect jawline? Yes, several studies have proved that gum chewing helps you in burning face fat effectively. So if you want to get rid of double chin then gum chewing is the best option for you.

According to the studies, chewing gum is always helpful for people who want to lose weight and want to reduce their calorie intake. Regular gum chewing after a meal is really beneficial, satisfying, and helps in reducing neck fat.

3. Neck Stretch

Another effective exercise to lose your neck fat easily at home. Neck stretch directly trains your chin and face fat.

How to do

  • Push your head back and look above at the ceiling.
  • Now push your tongue against the roof of your mouth. Feel the stretch in your muscles.
  • Hold in this position for 5 to 10 seconds. Relax and repeat the move again.

4. Ball Exercise

Ball exercise is also a nice move to target your neck muscles. All you need is a 9 to 10-inch ball for performing this exercise.

How to do

  • Place a ball under your chin with a proper grip.
  • Now push your chin down against the ball.
  • Repeat this move 10 to 20 times.

5. Pucker Up

Stretching exercise that helps in burning face fat. Here is a quick tutorial for this move.

How to do

  • Tilt-back your head and look up at the ceiling.
  • Now pucker up your lips such to stretch your chin muscles.
  • Stretch for few seconds and then return back to the starting position. Repeat the process.

6. Tongue Stretch

Stretching your tongue also trains your chin muscles. This move will be beneficial to get rid of a double chin.

How to do

  • Look straight forward and stretch your tongue out as far as you can.
  • Now raise your tongue upward towards your nose to feel the stretch on your chin.
  • Hold this position for 10 to 15 seconds and then get back to the initial position.

Repeat the move 4 to 5 times a day.

7. The Lion’s Yawn

This exercise is beneficial for full-face stretch. The lion’s yawn is simply a mouth stretching exercise that helps you in getting perfect jawlines. Follow this quick tutorial to perform this effective move.

How to do

  • Stand straight in a relaxed position. Open your mouth and stretch it as much as you can.
  • Now bring your tongue out and stretch it completely downwards.
  • Push the tongue for at least 10 seconds and then relax. Repeat the move 2 to 3 times a day.

8. Around the World

This move is all about rotating your head to stretch your face muscles. Repeated rotation of your head isolates your chin muscles and helps in losing fat. Read this quick tutorial to perform this workout.

How to do

  • Stand straight in a relaxed position and your face forward.
  • Slowly rotate your head left to right and vice versa. After one complete round switch to up and bottom.
  • Keep repeating the above moves alternatively until you feel the burn in your muscles.
  • Repeat this move for 2 to 4 minutes.


Along with the exercises, you must follow some natural treatments and home remedies to get rid of neck fat. Here are some best treatments you can go for.

  • Diet

Improving your diet, eating healthy, and nutrition will definitely help you in curing this problem. Avoid unhealthy and oily foods which are not good for your health. Also, consume more protein which is always beneficial for muscle building.

  • Face Masks

There are many masks available in the market which helps in reducing the double chin appearance. You can easily make natural masks at home by using egg whites, honey, and lemon juice which will also provide nutrition and glow to your face.

  • Eat More Fruits

Fruits are always the best option to glow your skin as they provide all the essential nutrition to our skin. You must eat 2 to 3 servings of fruits daily.

  • Reduce Sugar Intake

Consuming a high amount of sugar is also not good for health. Reducing your sugar intake will also help you in treating double chin.

  • Strength Training

Strength training is always beneficial for muscle building. Following a strength training workout also helps you in losing extra body fat.

  • Consume Low Fat Dairy Product

Consuming low-fat dairy products is also beneficial to avoid a double chin.

  • Surgery

Suregery to get rid of double chin

If the double chin is due to genetics then you can go for the surgery option which will help you fix it. These surgeries are not completely safe and good for the body. There are 3 main procedures for surgery.

  1. Mesotherapy- The first and major process of the surgery. It includes the injection of compounds into your chin that helps in resolving your chin fat. This process takes upto5 to 6 months and a normal person should require over 100 injections. There are many side effects of this process, some of the major ones are-
    – Swelling
    – Pain
    – Redness
    – Nerve Damage
  2. Lipolysis- It is also called liposculpture which is used for melting the fat from your skin with the help of a laser. It only helps in reducing fat and does not affect your skin elasticity. There may be some side effects during this process.
    – Swelling
    – Pain
  3. Kybella- The united states food and drug administration has approved this drug. A single treatment of this process includes up to 50 injections which help you in reducing your fat tissues. A person has to go up to 5 to 6 treatments. It can also cause some side effects like:
    – Pain
    – Itching
    – Swelling
    – Bruising

For more such effective ways to reduce neck fat checkout, this article Reduce Neck Fat.

Why Get Rid Of Double Chin?

A double chin is just a piece of fat that makes your face look fat and ugly. It dulls your personality and you look more aged. Also, this problem can cause health problems that’s why it is very necessary to get rid of this. If you hate your face fat and want a perfect jawline then you should go for these effective methods. Let’s get started.


The best and effective way to get rid of a double chin is to follow a healthy, nutritional diet and exercise daily. Stay patient and keep working hard, you will definitely get results. Time may vary depending on the double chin size but consistency will definitely show the result. Follow these exercises and tips for at least 3 to 4 weeks.

Following a healthy nutritional diet will also help in reducing your health risk of –

You can also consult a doctor if you are not getting any results with the above methods. Make sure not to consume any medicine without a doctor’s prescription, it can cause side effects.