Dandruff in Beard : Causes, Treatment & Prevention

dandruff in beard


Growing a beard is a secondary aspect of maintaining the facial structure of your face. People in the late twentieth century woke up to the fact that growing a Beard would provide a structure to your face and that is when the trend started. People across the globe started growing beards and no doubt, even today the trend exists.

People these days grow facial hair, make it look, and think of it as a sign of manliness. Even youngsters who were quite decent at their school times, aspire to grow a beard. Apart from the trend-associated aspects, other things that ruin a beard are dandruff issues.

Beard in dandruff is also a common problem people face. A lot of associated things trigger the growth of dandruff in the beard. Thin white flakes tend to come out of the skin of the visage and this often is a very subtle thing and requires a normal response. If you have one, you do not need to panic or feel embarrassed. In today’s blog, we are going to discuss the various aspects related to the growth of dandruff in the beard.

What causes it?

The cause of dandruff in the beard would help us know the actual reason behind it. If you know the cause of it, you could mostly handle it wisely. There is a common fungus called Malassezia globosa. This fungus generally grows in areas where there is the presence of oil more than the requirements. These areas are near your sebaceous glands that include your face and scalp.

This particular fungus breaks down sebum produced by your body, leading to the formation of oleic acid. Some people have inherently oily skin and that triggers the growth of this microbe in large quantities and causes dandruff in your beard. When this oleic acid is left behind, it irritates the skin and causes problems like dandruff.

Also, if you have a fast rate of cell turnover, then dandruff is likely to come out. Check what kind of flakes you have got. If you have non-reddish, normal flakes, then it is just dry skin, which is a different aspect. If it is reddish and causes irritation, then it is most likely to be dandruff. Click here to know more.

How to treat it?

Now, that you have known the reasons contributing to your beard dandruff issues, there are certain ways to tackle them. The following are some of the most common ways to tackle this issue and grow a healthy beard.

  • Frequent Washing

After seeing these issues, you should heed attention to the ways to tackle them. Washing your beard regularly is a good choice to tackle it. Use a mild bears cleanser and wash your beard more often with it. You will observe positive outcomes of it. In case, you do not have a beard cleanser, you can use the same shampoo you use for your scalp.

Take a bit of it, gently rub between your palms and apply them to your beard. After this, Roll your fingers thoroughly through your beard, touching every bit of it. Then, let it settle for a minute. Now, use a shower to time off and pat dry. Do this regularly and you would See the amount of dandruff in your beard decreasing comparatively.

There are some dandruff-tackling ingredients, look for them in your shampoo. They are pyrithione zinc, coal tar, selenium sulfide, and tea tree oil.

  • Moisturizing

Moisturizing your beard is a very crucial step to get rid of dandruff issues. Use a perfect moisturizer to get rid of this issue. You can use those moisturizers that hydrate your skin from within. Out of the best moisturizers, beard lotions are a great way to hydrate your skin. Beard moisturizers cleanse the skin, prevent the skin from drying, and help you to get a perfect-looking shiny beard. You can also use beard oil to moisturize your skin.

There is another type of moisturizer, an oil that also works better for your beard, especially if you have acne-prone skin. It is argan oil, best suited for your beard. Argan oil has a distinctive fragrance and works well, moisturizing as such.

This step comes second. After cleaning your bears using a shampoo or a beard cleanser, you can pat dry and apply moisturizer to them. Take some drops of moisturizer of your choice, rub gently between your palms, and apply in your beard. Let it sip into your skin and make your beard look shiny and suit you the best.

  • Exfoliating your skin cells

Exfoliation refers to the removal of dead skin cells of your body using various methods. The best way is to use a brush. If you possess a beard brush, then it would help to exfoliate your dead skin cells. Always prefer the brush that has soft bristles so that it does not hurt your skin. Use it gently, do not apply a lot of friction.

This helps you to remove the dead skin cells of your body and at the same time helps you distribute the oils of your skin evenly. Before cleaning your beard, use a beard brush to reach every part of your visage and evenly clean it. This is very important for a dandruff-free beard.

  • Proper drying

A very common mistake man with beards do is, they leave the beard wet after A shower. This is a great trigger for various issues related to beard. After you shower properly, use a towel to gently dry your beard. Do not use hot dryers or anything like that to dry your beard. This may act as a counterproductive way in the long run. When you think of drying your beard, use a towel to dry it.

  • Proper Conditioning

For effective conditioning of your beard, use a beard softener. This is an effective method to condition your facial hair. This also prevents your beard from drying out. If you have a too-busy schedule, consider conditioning your beard once a week. Beard softeners condition your beard, make it look shiny, and help you get that evenly looking perfect beard.

You can know more by to know more.

Miscellaneous ways to tackle dandruff in beard

Apart from these remedies, you can try having a good lifestyle with the optimum level of nutrients in your diet. This is also a very important thing. Let us now sum up some brief points regarding food, lifestyle, and exercise so that you do not face any problems related to it.

  • Salmons and Tuna fish

Salmon is rich in vitamin D, Iron, and potassium. It is healthy and helps you fight against dandruff in your beard. Salmons a great source of nutrition and you can some of them to tackle this dandruff. Apart from helping you prevent dandruff, it will also nutrify your body. Tuna fish is also rich in iron, vitamin B6, potassium, selenium, and iodine. This also helps you in tackling these dandruff issues in your beard. Both of these fish are nutritious and good for your beard and hair as well.

  • Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a great source of protein and some fibres. You need to know that you consume it inapt amount, not in plenty if you do not hit the gym regularly. You can have some peanut butter in your diet to provide you with the required nutrients your body needs. You can have it at your convenience and you would see that your body does not face other health issues as well.

  • Virgin Olive Oil

Keeping the healthy fatty acids aside, olive oils are rich in vitamins like Vitamin E and Vitamin K. It is also loaded with powerful antioxidants and is a very healthy option. If you prefer having your food cooked with some oil, have olive oil in your diet and you will see better ways to prevent dandruff from your beard.

  • Avocados and eggs

Avocados have a lot of health benefitting vitamins such as Vitamin B2, B3, B5, B6

and Vitamin C. Avocados are generally good for your overall body as well. Eggs are good for preventing dandruff in the beard as well. Eggs are a rich source of proteins, vitamins, and ions required for your body. No doubt, this is the reason for which eggs are called a source of complete food.

  • Nuts and Flaxseeds

Nuts, especially walnuts and Flaxseeds are great for your hair and your beard. For all the issues you are facing regarding your beard, Flaxseeds seeds are a great way to tackle them. They provide the requisites need to prevent dandruff in your beard.

Impact of lifestyle changes

Some lifestyle changes also help you fight against dandruff in your beard. They are:

  • Enough Resting

Sleep is a very powerful and stimulating way to help you get a good mind and a body. So, you have to sleep on a fixed time for at least six to eight hours the night. Do not binge watch Netflix or surf through social media, rather focus on sleeping. Prepare your bed, turn off the lights, and booze for some hours. You will feel content after you were awake, you will

derive more energy and most importantly you will feel good about yourself.

  • Proper Sanitation

Keep in mind that you should reside in a clean environment. You should focus more on cleanliness and wash your hands properly before touching your face. Touching your face regularly leads to dandruff in the beard because your hands are subjected to various microbes continuously. So, sanitation is important to prevent these kinds of issues.

  • Avoiding going out frequently

After this onset of lockdown due to the covid pandemic, people are restricted to the walls of their houses. But, prolonged exposure to the outer surface leads to dandruff issues. You can go out but make sure that you are not under the sun for a long time. Otherwise, you will face sweat, dirt, and various pollutants that would trigger dandruff in the beard.

Exercises To Grow a Healthy Beard

Exercises To Grow a Healthy Beard

Apart from diet and lifestyle, certain exercises are important as well. Exercise helps you get an evenly structured body provides you vitality and increases longevity as well. Here are some of the exercises for your beard issues related to dandruff.

  • Moderate Exercises

These exercises primarily involve a set of cardio exercises, good for your body and very effective for your beard. Make sure that you do not break the consistency and follow this routine regularly.

  • Two-Legged forward bendings

This is a very effective form of yogic exercise that helps you fight your dandruff issues. These exercises are good for your joints as well. It has maximum benefits and you would see positive results after you perform this exercise.

  • High-Intensity Workouts

If you are interested in gymming, then you can also follow through with high-intensity workouts. This is very good for your overall body. But, you can even take minimal breaks between the days to not perform these exercises and these are highly effective for your dandruff in beard as well.

Apart from these techniques, you must trust in the process. You do not need to feel embarrassed because of this condition. You need to believe that this is easy to tackle and requires no additional methods. You need to be firm in your morale and look for optimistic things in your life.


Beard is a sign of manliness for some males. People spend efforts to create a good-looking beard so that they could outshine with a better personality. Unlike Koreans, who feel growing a beard is a sign of laziness, people across the globe find growing a bears to be an absolute sign of alpha males. So, to create a well-conditioned beard, that would suit your personality, you need to master the art to keep it healthy as well.

Dandruff in the beard is a very common issue these days snd requires a little attention to completely eradicate the problem. Make a disciplined regulation for your life. Taking care of a manly beard comes as a priority.  You can follow the steps mentioned in this blog to create an evenly-looking beard and flaunt your efforts to grow it.