How to do deadlift

romanian deadlift1

The deadlift is one of the best and effective exercises to train your lower back. If you want to build v shape bigger back then Deadlift will be the best option. The right posture in exercise will make the exercise more effective but most of us do not follow the right posture while doing deadlift which is quite dangerous. It can cause lower back pain, spine problems, etc. Today we will talk about how to do deadlift in a right and effective way. Yess if you are a beginner then you will know how to do deadlift properly. Follow the below steps to make your exercise more effective. So let’s get started.

Targeted Areas- It usually targets your lower back muscles.

romanian deadlift

How to do

  • Get the barbell rod and stand up with your feet half under the barbell.
  • Now bend down by bending your knees and grab the barbell with shoulder width.
  • Keep your chest up with your back straight. Make sure that your back is not forming an arc.
  • Breathe in and stand straight with your weights. Pause for a while and return back to the initial position. One rep is completed.

Complete 5 to 10 reps with proper form.


In this article, we read about how to do Deadlift in proper form. One of the best lower back exercises for men. How to perform this exercise properly. We have also shared the targeted areas covered by this back exercise. Add this effective exercise in your Back routine to get the result. Thank you. All the best and stay strong. Go with us, grow with us. Buildingbeast.

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