Dumbbell Pullover

dumbbell pull

The dumbbell pullover is the crazy beast workout for chest. It trains your upper pectorals and also targets the shoulder muscles. This workout usually helps in transforming the chest. Let’s start the workout.

Targeted Areas- it usually targets your upper and lower pectorals. It also trains your shoulder and triceps muscles.

How to do

dumbbell pullover

Lie perpendicular to the bench such that your shoulders lie on the surface of the bench and your legs are bent to the floor. Grab the dumbbell with both hands in such a way that your palms pressing the dumbbells up. Now breathe in and lower the weight slowly behind your head until you feel the strain on your chest. Now bring the dumbbell back to the initial position. Here you have completed one rep.

Complete 3 sets of 12, 10, 8 reps.

If you are a beginner then please ensure that the dumbbell does not fall on you