The Ultimate Chest and Shoulder Workout Routine

Ultimate chest and shoulder workout routine


When you feel like hitting the gym regularly and get that evenly perfect chest and shoulder, you often miss out on other things as well. You always want those extra muscles on your body but seldom do you get a chance to achieve your goals. Chest and shoulder workouts are a deadly concoction to boost your overall gym growth.

Let us pump each other to get better growth at those gymming hours to get a better chest and shoulder and make every moment of your gym count for your better-looking body. Most gym trainers focus on these two things more because both of these parts have a distinctive role to play to give a perfect body.

So, if you want to have a great-looking arm with a broad shoulder and a perfect chest, make yourself count for these workouts. Adhere to the process and look for these options.

Pre-workout points and sets backs

When you are performing chest and shoulder workouts, make sure that you do not miss some pointers. Here are they:

  • Follow it at least three times a week. 

Ensure that you remain disciplined during the action and do not miss the essential aspects of gymming. When you are doing the chest and shoulder workout, make sure that you always hit the gym at one prescribed time. Do not indulge in different hours on different days. Make sure you make it three times a week.

Also, you do not need to be fanatic about gymming. You have a lot of time in your hands, and you probably won’t miss anything. So, you should not be dry of motivation and, at the same time, should not be fanatic. Balance is the key, and that is what makes everything count.

  • Restrict yourself to 20-30 reps:

If you officially maintain a balance in your reps, which is mathematically between 20 to 30, it will work in your favour. Something which is more than this for an intermediate would be considered overkill. Make sure that you neither overdo nor lessen the input.

  • Avoid unnecessary Exercises:

The chest and shoulder workouts are highly effective but at the same time make you feel tired. So, make sure that you do not waste a lot of time performing the same set of pre-workout general exercises. Also, avoid the same monotonous workouts too. Make sure that you do a vast number of activities with different groups to get the best output.

Exclusive diet for chest and shoulder muscle building

For better output, you need food to nourish your body so that you get better results. If you get the right kind of nutrition for your body, the process would be more straightforward and elaborate. A good meal plan would work in favour of your body parts, and you would feel energetic throughout. So, let’s talk about a good diet that would help you achieve your daily requirements. By clicking here, you would get to know more.

  • Turkey Sandwich made up of whole grain bread:

Out of the various types of sandwiches, Turkey sandwich out of whole grain bread is a rich source of protein that is less on calories. So, this food is usually advisable for a bigger chest, and you probably know the taste. So, if you get to arrange this, never miss on this if you want to increase your chest and shoulder workout output. Check out the complete recipe for this healthy food.

  • Boiled Eggs and Bananas:

These foods are primarily rich in nutrients and are eaten mainly by gymming freaks and sprinters. Make sure that you do not over boil the eggs; instead, you get them hard-boiled. With some bananas, have this as a meal, and you would never get low on energy.

  • Peanut butter and crackers:

Peanut butter is also a great source of protein and vitamin B-6. It has another considerable amount of nutrients and minerals that your body needs to compensate for the strenuous activities at the gym.

  • Do not miss these essential items:

Well, what if you do not get a good catch at some of these products? What if you miss on some items and then search for other alternatives. Well, for that, you should remember that certain foods are always imperative. Milk, chicken, Almonds, spinach are rich in protein, calcium, iron, vitamins, etc. So, make sure that you consume all these food items in ample amounts as well.

Best chest workouts

Now that you have gathered the points make sure that you follow this routine to know more about chest workouts. Ultimate chest dumbbell workout is really beneficial for big and massive chests.

  • Cable crossover

cable crossover 11

This is a trendy workout, especially for the chest. This is followed by a lot of men in high to low positions and even in low to high positions. For different periods, different methods are adopted.

For high-to-low, this is how you should do it:

You have to set the cable machine to its highest position. Now, grab the grips with a strong hand. Place your feet at least a shoulder apart, extend your arms in the T-position with your elbows slightly bent. Now, bring those strings firmly without letting them affect your position. Squeeze your pecs and tighten your core muscles, bringing the shoulders back to their levels. Now keep repeating this as per instruction. Do not overdo this rep.

For low-to-high, this is How you should do it:

You have to set the reading of the cable machine to its lowest point. Now, attach a D-handle on both sides and grab the grips firmly with your palms. Place your feet at least a shoulder apart, with a straight back. With an upright chest, arms down and slightly bent. Now, maintain your position and pull the grips to your eye level and then retract slowly. Repeat this for some reps as directed.

  • Regular Pushups

Wide pushups

Among one of the best chest workouts, pushups have a different base. Pushups are quite regular and basic. No one will make you learn pushups because every time you start any basic exercise, pushups come first. The number of pushups depends on your individual capability. Make sure that you maintain the correct posture while doing it and do not overdo it on the very first day.

  • Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

Incline dumbbell press1

Using a dumbbell for your chest helps you to get a perfectly even chest. Remember, the ideal inclined angle must be between thirty to forty-five degrees. So, use an overhand grip to lift the dumbbells, keeping your feet flat and strong on the ground. Now, lift the dumbbells up until your face and extend your arms. Now, lower the dumbbells slowly and slightly closer to one another. Repeat the exercise.

  • The Dip

chest dips

A mighty dip amplifies the whole workout routine tremendously. When you are ready for a dip, make sure that you are also ready for a better output. Grab the dip machine or the parallel bars. Stand at the centre, put your hands in the bars. Now, slowly lift yourself up, leaning to the ground in the forward direction to make sure that your chest is slightly bent.

Now, try to bend your arms, lower yourself a bit in order to maintain a lean, and liftback yourself after a few seconds. Make sure that you repeat this for some more reps.

  • Resistance band pulling apart exercise

resistance band arm crossover leg

This is a very subtle exercise and requires no extra types of equipment. This is very effective in the case of chest workouts. I prefer using a good quality resistance band. Hold the rubber grips as firmly as you could. Now, stand in a correct posture and pull this band’s chest apart and slowly contract to your original position. Resistance band exercises are always beneficial for strength and muscle building.

This exercise would increase your arm flexibility as well. Also, you can hop into this regularly because it is easy and effective. Consider having a band at your home as well. You can do this to structure your chest any time you want.

Best Shoulder Workouts

With so many muscles to work on your shoulders, we should widely choose the workouts that serve the best interest of you. Know more about Ultimate shoulder workouts for muscle building. Here are some of them:

  • Barbell Standing Press

overhead barbell shrugs

Please search for a barbell and hold it at your shoulder height. Try to face your palms and keep your feet shoulder-apart and try to bend down your knees to begin the first step of the exercise. Now, push up with your legs to press the barbell straight and slowly return to your original position. Start with an insane move to ensure that you have got a lot of core strength and gradually end the process with some more reps.

  • Seated Dumbbell Press

dumbbell press1

Dumbbells are always great for your workouts. Out of the Assets you have, dumbbell surely hits the list. The Seated Dumbbell Press works well to isolate the shoulder motion. To do this exercise, consider sitting on a bench holding these dumbbells right at your shoulder height. Hold the dumbbells in an overgrip position. Press your weights up unless your arms are fully extended. Return slowly to the initial position and repeat the sets.


  • Arnold Press

arnold press

In order to do this exercise, sit on a bench firmly with dumbbells in front of you, and the palms must face your shoulder. Make sure that they are about to face each other. Push these dumbbells up and thereby rotate your arms until your palms go away from you. Straighten and pause for some moments and then repeat the exercise.


  • Half-kneeling archer row

For this exercise, you need a good quality resistance band. Grab this light band in both hands and keep your glutes and abs straight and stiff. While straightening your right arm, try to look at your arm. Try tightening your muscles present at the back by keeping your right arm straight. Now, bring your left arm pretty close to your elbow, right obviously. So, pull the band apart as if it is working at your shoulders, helping them squeeze and bend their elbows as you do it. This exercise also works great for your shoulder.

  • Front Raises

Incline Barbell Front Raise

Now, go to the dumbbell section and grab a pair of dumbbells for the exercise. Make your palms face each other while you hang the dumbbells at the length of your arms. Now, slowly raise your arms unless they stand parallel to the floor and, at the same time, perpendicular to your torso region.

The dumbbells should be at the level of your shoulders and sides of your hands, respectively. Now, try to reach back to the initial position at a slow state and repeat the sets as per your need.


You are only a beast veiled by curiosity and potential. Discipline is the key to achieve anything in life. Plan a schedule for your gymming hours, stating the amount of put you would individually put in your day. Plan your time properly for the gym, for your job, learning, etc. Make the right schedule and execute as directed.

Remember, there is no point in giving up. You need to follow a strict working out routine and get going. Consider improving in the gym than the day before, and you would see no reason to get back.

The Conclusion

Chest and Shoulder workouts are a tremendous set of exercises that work for bettering your overall posture of the body. It helps you give your body the structural framework it deserves. The workout routines are highly beneficial and would give you the best possible outcome. Along with it, focus on your other activities as well. Consider having a good amount of sleep.

Try at least six to eight hours daily. Avoid too much caffeine and have some other healthy beverage available at your option. Focus on your mental health as well. Try focussing more on reading journals and educate yourself more and more. Always remember, consistency is all it takes.