Top 5 Back Exercises For Men’s Health


Top 5 Back Exercises For Men’s Health

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Most of the people try to skip the back exercise day because they don’t know the effective purpose to do these exercises. But from today I will share with you the effects and importance of back exercises, how it is necessary to transform your body. Every workout exercises play an important role in building the perfect body. mainly focuses on those parts of the body which is observed by the people the gym beginners focus on those part of the body to transform which are observed by them, this quote works in daily life activities.You should have the back exercises as hard as you have your front body exercise. We have analyzed the top 10 exercises for men. So be ready to gain a body like a beast.

Why Back Exercise Is Necessary?

Building your back is also an important part of your body schedule, once you started doing it you will be addicted to the crazy workouts. Back workouts provides various types of benifits to our body such as,

  • It helps to improve our body posture which is quite important for our body to look sexy and toned. A well maintained body posture gives a bright interface to the body. Notice that some people having a muscular body quite looks bad along with a bump on their back.
  • If you are weak or do not have strength to workout for number of hours then these workout exercises are going to increase your strength and endurance.
  •   These exercises are benificial for our backbones, spinal chord etc and also helps in stable your shoulders. The stronger your shoulder, the more strength you have.
  •   Every upper-body exercise is linked with back exercises some of its workouts are used for gaining muscles, triceps etc. If you focus on these workouts than your upper body gets benifit too.
  • It also helps in activating your muscle tissues because most the back exercises requires pulling and pushing which helps in activating our muscle tissues.

If you have a dream of V shape torsos you will not be able to achieve this goal without working on your Back body. Now you are ready to have some crazy-effective workouts that will turn you into a beast. So let’s get started with my 8 best back workout exercises.

1. Bent-Over Underhand Barbell Row / T Bar Row


Bent-over Underhand Barbell Row is all different from the above move so don’t be confuse, they have the similar name but they are not familiar with each other. This exercise has its major effect on your rhomboids, upper traps and also helps in improving the spinal cord. Due to large amount of daily works, our traps and shoulder muscles get weak, with the help of this workout we are going to improve our posture, backbone problems.


How To DO: Grab a barbell without any of the heavy weight present in it, you can hold it without weight at the beginning. Make a grip on the bar, now bend your knees along with lowering down your torso and make them parallel to the ground, this will be your starting position. Now pull the bar towards your upper abs and also contract your shoulder during pulling, pause for a while, now get back to the starting position slowly.


2. Dumbbell ( Single Arms Workout )

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Dumbbell Single arms is one of the effective workout for back and other muscular parts. The most recommended exercise by the professional body builders. Dumbbell single arms workout has a easier input as compare to other exercises, all you needed is strength to start your workout. This exercise shows its effects on the back and in muscular upper body, also supports in getting a better posture. Due to both side workout of your body with this exercise, you will be able to focus on weak spots of your body and helps in building up strength and balance of the body.

How to Do: All you need a dumbbell to start this workout . Stand next to the bench you are planning to start. Ascend your weight on the bench with the help of your opposite knee and your hand. Plant the same leg on the floor, now bend your body slightly on your hips by keeping your back posture straight. Grab the dumbbell on your other hand and move it slightly straight down from your shoulder and then pull the dumbbell upward without having a rotation in your shoulders, pause for a while at this position, now slowly get back to your starting position by lowering the weight.

3. Chest-Supported Dumbbell Row

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As you are struggling during other workouts to keep your back straight and no movement of shoulders and then also you have the variations on your exercises. Don’t worry this move is quite different from others and will help you to raise your chest along with your back and also helps you to focus on your strength and weight more wisely. Now get back to the bench let’s get started.

How To DO: Mount on the inclined bench along with your chest straight forward, get the dumbbells in your hand with a grip. Keep your chest strong during the whole workout, be in rest position, hanging your arms. Contact your back muscles to pull the weight making an angle of 90 degrees with your elbows, pause for 2 second and maintain your position and than slowly return to your starting posture.

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4. Seated Cable Row

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Seated cable workout is usually made for upper back exercise and has its effects on upper traps, shoulders etc and also helps in muscle gain. All this exercise is to increase your gain and strength. Gaining muscles is also important because an unstable shoulder is a sign of weakness in the body. All this exercise include3s bench press and arm curl. Be careful during this workout, overload can also cause injury and unstability of body increases. You should always keep your shoulder overhead which will produce a stress in shoulder joint.
During workout pull your shoulder front and back slowly. 

How To Do: Grab a straight bar with an extension cable and keep your feet stable and a attain a right posture by keeping your back straight. Pull the bar towards your upper abs slowly and than pause for a while, then return to your initial stage. Don’t lean towards the cable extension it an affect the whole workout.

If you are willing to get V-shaped torsos, the best effective and most recommended workout is Pull-ups and Chin-ups. They usually helps in building the upper back traps and muscles and also helps in improving the posture of the body and provides flared shape to the body. There are classification of various pull-ups and chin-ups from easiest to hardest stage. As your strength will also increase by these workouts and also affects your shoulder blades. If you are a beginner and not able to perform pull-ups, than all you have to do is just hang on the bar and try to pull yourself in upward direction.

5. Bent-Over Barbell Rows

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Bent-Over Barbell Rows are the toughest workouts in comparison with other “Rows” workout. Heavy loads exercises are enough to develop your back in further days. Bent Over Barbell rows are so effective workout for men, it helps in improving cord growth of muscles, upper traps, lower traps, minor and major rhomboid, deltoids and upper shoulders etc. It has its major effect on the middle back muscles. All you have to keep in mind before start is that then overload the weight it can cause severe injuries. Know your limits and start it.

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How To DO: Get the barbell on the work, apply the weight according to your strength ( Note: Please wear the gym belts and apply weight according to your strength for preventing injuries ). Now hold the barbell with your hands, make a grip over it. Bend your knees in such a way that your torso are quite lower and your hips should form a curve. This will be your starting posture, now pull the bar upward slowly until it touches your upper abs, also contract your shoulders towards each other during this pulling process. Pause for a while and then slowly get into your starting posture by lowering the bar.

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