Best Exercises For Building Muscles And Strength

If you are a gym lover then you also have to set your own specific goals for transforming yourself. One of the common goals which we all want to achieve is to get bigger and stronger. Let us discuss what bodybuilding actually is. Bodybuilding is a bunch of strategies and exercises which provide a perfect ratio to our whole body and also provide perfection in your body physique.

Best Exercises For Building Muscles And Strength

A professional bodybuilder needs to spend 5 – 7 days per week in the gym for up to 2 hrs a day. However, not everyone can be able to afford this much time in their daily time
Why Should We Exercise Daily?
• Exercise improves the strength and efficiency of the whole body including our mind.
Exercises are the supporter which helps you achieve the best body physique.
• To Maintain Your Body Fitness – exercises push our body to release such chemicals which make a person feel relaxed.
• Exercises Help you to look Better – A Person who does regular exercises, burns hundreds of calories which results to make him look more toned.
• Exercise help people lose weight and also decrease the risk of diseases
Regular exercise helps in decreasing severe problems such as obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure, it also maintains the blood circulation in our body.
• Exercise Helps In Curing Age Problems – This could not be a necessary tip for you, but trust me you will appreciate me later for this, For eg. osteoporosis is a problem when our bones start getting weak with an increase in age. Most of the Weight Lifting Exercises Can help you keep your bones strong.

Muscle Building And Strength Gaining

The best results of building muscles and gaining strength depend upon the time you are giving to the push and pull weight exercises at the gym . Before the exercise plans we should discuss the steps which should be performed for getting best results .
• Exercise Plan Chart includes :
1. Heavy Weight Lifting – When you lifts heavyweight , it spreads and damages our muscle fibres and cells , which forces our body to achieve rapid muscle growth . All you have to do is to make your body prepare to lift heavier and heavier weight on a regular basis . You have to increase your efforts which will helps you in increasing the strength of your body along with the muscles.

2. Have A Perfect Food Plan – A proper diet plan plays an important role in the bodybuilding . Due to heavy exercises the muscle fibres and the cells get break and damage , to repair them with a proper amount of nutrition is provided by a proper diet .

3. Get Proper Rest – You should know that you will not get stronger in the short interval of time at the gym . Be Patience! work according to your workout plans and having a rest is also essential for a body growth . It relaxes our damaged cells to recover and also the nervous system . Proper rest gives the rapid increase in muscle gaining of a body .

• Avoid These Three Mistakes Duiring Workouts –
1. Over-training:
An excessive training in a day will not give you a better results and benifits . It will be an accumulation of fatigue which will give rise to your blood flow and heart beats . All you have to do is to listen to your body , break the efforts as compare to yesterday , have a perfect workout plan which includes rest day also .
2. Heavy Weight Lifting:
Heavy weight lifting is not a way to build muscles , listen to your body that how much efforts it can give you during workout . Try to overcome those efforts , but donot try to go against your body as a result it will cause severe damage to the body parts , Be Patience! And push yourself a bit harder than yesterday .
3. Avoid Wrong Postures During Workout:
You have to avoid the wrong postures during the workout exercises , straight you back , consult your trainer about the right posture to perform exercise , beginner’s should try gain the right posture with the help of support or a gym belt .

Exercises For Muscles Building And Strength Gaining

Bench Press

The normal bench press is same as the squats for the chest workout. This exercise is usually for the Deltoids or Ticeps .
The unknown mistake that people suffer during this exercise is when you are performing a chest press and the wrong postures of elbows which should only go equal to 45 degree out from the body during the exercise.
Postures – you should Keep the elbows in such position that not only it reduces the risk of injuries, but also have the compact movement of shoulders. Focous on squeezing of chest during weightup .


This is the most effective exercise in daily life . It cooperates with the entire lower body and also but also forces the body to release excessive harmones necessary for body growth. Squats are the most demanding exercise filled with the benefits, squats exerts a stress in the back bone and joints which makes them perform properly .To perform a proper squat
Postures – Keep your legs a width apart from each other and keep your head straight forward . Release your upper body down as close to your ankles . squeeze your glutes and with the help of them push yourself back up for the next rep.


This exercise is the king of all growing exercises . This exercise is all filled with injuries , caution etc but be ready to feel the real power of yourself with the help of safely performed deadlift . There will be a full back exhaustion with this exercise , it effects your forearms and shoulders too. One of the most powerfull exercise needs full safety because it gives a sever damage to the body.
Workout Posture – Stand straight with your foot below the barbell
Bend downward and grab the rod with a best hand grip
And than bent your knees until the bar touches your shin
Now , Lift your chest up with straight lower back
Take a deep breath along with holding stand up straight .
Follow it according to your reps.