6 Healthy Habits to Have in Your 30s

6 Healthy Habits to Have in Your 30s

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Turning thirty can bring with it lots of mixed thoughts and emotions. For some, this age is not a big deal and is just another number, while others may stress themselves by thinking they’re no longer young. Regardless of your category, your thirtieth birthday is a monumental occasion. You’re now in this unique position, where you’re not as young as you were in your twenties but not quite old.

However, as you age, you must accept that your body is gradually slowing down and needs your attention more than ever. Your daily habits, lifestyle, and diet need modification to continue cruising through life. After all, who wants to wind up dealing with health complications later in life all because they were too careless to look after themselves?

So if there is one token of wisdom that you should uphold once you hit this age, it is to look after yourself. Here’s how you do this:

1. Check-in With Professionals

If you have been shouldering habits like substance abuse for a long time, you need to end it. Dependency issues have many long-term repercussions.

So why not give your body a chance to heal and live out your thirties in a fulfilling manner?

You can look into professional facilities like Vista Pines Health to get help and break the cycle. This establishment will not only ensure you’re able to get back on your feet but will provide you with the best services to eliminate your problem completely.

Some of the services you can avail of include access to a therapist, pleasant staff, and a structured routine that gives you much-needed stability. Once you’ve regained control and are in much better shape, you can return home. Coming back after getting the treatment and care you need will give you a much more positive outlook on life and encourage you to continue looking after yourself.

2. Pick Up An Exercise Regime

Exercise has many health benefits which extend beyond keeping you physically toned. It allows you to release pent-up energy, relieves stress, and keeps factors like your blood pressure in check. But to reach optimal wellness, you must find a routine for yourself and stick to it. An excellent fitness regime will address different areas concerning your health. This includes improving your flexibility, building your core strength, and boosting your endurance.

According to the physical activity guidelines for Americans, you need at least two and a half hours of moderate aerobics or attempt one hour of high-intensity training. You don’t have to do this in one go; depending on how much you can handle, you can try ten minutes of any vigorous exercise or slow yourself to twenty minutes of any moderate activity.

3. Look Into Primary Health Care Givers

You must understand with age, your body tends to slow down and makes you susceptible to many diseases. While you may have lived your twenties freely and liberally, you must heed caution once you cross the thirtieth mark. This is where an excellent primary health caregiver comes into play.

Going for a routine assessment informs you how well you’re doing. You learn about your cholesterol, whether your heart is in good shape and if you’re at borderline risk for a chronic illness. A primary healthcare giver will conduct a comprehensive evaluation on you which may also involve screening, blood tests, and checking your bone density. As a result, you may be able to subside severe illnesses and develop new habits that will keep you in excellent form for a long time.

4. Take Care Of Your Skin

Let’s be honest; no one likes dealing with wrinkles and loose skin. These can make you incredibly self-conscious about your appearance and turn into expensive cosmetic enhancement options that may not do much for your looks. But having a good skincare regime, you can retain your youthful glow and enjoy having soft, supple skin all year round.

Try washing and exfoliating your skin as much as you can. This removes old cells and gives your pores a good scrub, removing oil build-up. As a result, your skin cells regenerate much faster, making you feel fresh and young. Additionally, never skip out on using sunscreen. The harmful UV rays are the leading cause of skin care; sunspots can cause discoloration and premature wrinkles. Once you hit this stage, you’ll have no choice but to see a cosmetologist to help you remedy the situation.

Likewise, try supplementing your diet more as it reflects directly on your skin. You may want to introduce Vitamin C, E, and coconut oil to your diet to boost collagen, prevent sun damage and uplift your dry skin. Don’t forget to invest in high-quality night creams to diminish under-eye bags and encourage your skin to heal overnight. Also, continue drinking plenty of water, at least eight glasses daily, which keeps your health and skin in good shape.

5. Keep Up With Your Friends

Growing older, you may find your priorities shifting from when you were younger. Your friends may be too busy now to hang out as they once used to, with their priorities more on their families than cultivating friendships. While this is a natural part of life, it doesn’t mean you cannot rekindle older bonds. Having a steady friend circle in your thirties does wonders for your health.

Social bonds boost your mental and emotional well-being by making you feel less isolated and giving you a sense of belonging. While you don’t have to live out your carefree days, find mutual grounds to ignore your relationship with your kinsfolk again. These can include inviting them over for cookouts, arranging playdates, going on family outings, and taking holidays. The experiences and memories you make now will last you a lifetime.

6. Don’t Push Your Mental Health Aside Any Longer

When you’re younger, it’s easy to downplay your mental health and not take it as seriously as you should. But this habit needs to stop as you approach your thirties. Carrying mental health problems like anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and destructive coping mechanisms will weigh down on you and impact you severely. You may also no longer have the stamina to tolerate these symptoms and get aggravated much more quickly.

Therefore, you must start working on your mental health and, like a jigsaw puzzle, finally, learn to put each piece of your well-being into place. There are many ways you can work on obtaining mental peace. This can include visiting a well-reputed therapist, looking into counseling, actively participating in techniques like cognitive behavioral therapy, and listening attentively to your mental health caregiver.

The road ahead may be challenging but taking the first step toward obtaining mental wellness is better than continuing living as you did. When you’re mentally in a good place, it also affects the people around you. For instance, getting treated for your anger management issues, ADHD, and learning to keep your OCD in check can make your family ease up around you. They may enjoy your company more and no longer feel they must keep their guard up because of your unpredictable mood.

Final Thoughts

Learn to celebrate your thirties by looking after yourself in a much more informed manner. You may have spent a good chunk of your life recklessly and enjoying being a carefree teen, but now it’s time to take control over your life. Your decision to be healthy and physically fit will reflect well on you. It will allow you to eliminate issues like trouble with dependency and mental health ailments and ensure that you follow an excellent physical routine.

Furthermore, you also give yourself a chance to improve your life expectancy by staying in touch with a primary doctor and subsiding various illnesses before they can cause significant damage to your health. Finally, by allowing yourself to rekindle old bonds and the space to socialize again, you may feel like you’re part of a meaningful community as you grow older.