Recertifying For Acls Online? Here Are 9 Things You Should Know

Recertifying For Acls Online? Here Are 9 Things You Should Know

The world around us is constantly evolving, and so is the healthcare field. Today, many medical professionals strive to acquire advanced skills and stay abreast with the current healthcare practices. Healthcare practitioners also need to stay updated with safety protocols and should ensure to undertake safe work procedures. ACLS deals with heart-related issues, and its courses equip candidates with a basic understanding of cardiology.


ACLS stands for Advanced Cardiac Life Support, is a medical certification, and is essential for many medical practitioners. The ACLS certification requires healthcare practitioners to be aware of many medical procedures, including CPR, the use of an AED, and basic signs of a cardiac emergency.

Cardiovascular diseases are becoming prevalent, and unlike previous years, today, children at a young age also die because of a cardiac arrest. ACLS certification prepares medical professionals to take immediate action in a cardiac emergency which can be life-saving.

In many countries, to work as a medical practitioner, you must have ACLS. Medical students, graduates, or practicing physicians have to renew their cards or recertify ACLS regularly, which often becomes challenging. Distance learning has become common as many people now realize the flexibility it offers. Medical practitioners can consider enrolling in an acls online as it saves them from the hassle of commuting. However, before they apply for ACLS online, they must know the below-mentioned points:

The Need of Recertifying

You must understand why there is a need to recertify for your ACLS certification after a designated period. It helps in enhancing your competencies and broadening your horizons. Aside from learning updated things about cardiology, you revisit your learning and review your knowledge.

Recertifying for an ACLS demonstrates that you are well-trained and armed with the latest practices to help patients with cardiac issues.

ACLS recertification does not have any age or qualifications limitation and allows anyone to enroll for it. However, for recertification, you must have a background in ACLS and have taken the course in the past.

Several Healthcare Facilities Accept online ACLS Certification

Several medical practitioners are unsure about the acceptance of online ACLS and hesitate in enrolling in e-courses, thinking that it might waste their efforts. Questions like, ‘is online ACLS recertification valid?’ or ‘do medical facilities consider online recertifying authentic’ are common among healthcare practitioners.

The world generally is opening up to the idea of e-learning courses and is accepting online degrees. Most people who pursue e-degrees do not find any discrimination in finding jobs after completion of their courses. ACLS recertification has the criteria of scoring 80 % marks. Suppose candidates succeed in attempting all 40 questions and obtaining 80 % marks. In that case, they get their ACLS recertification, and hospitals will accept their online courses.

Each Cardiac Case is Different

ACLS prepares people to deal with cardiac emergencies; however, ACLS-certified people cannot replace cardiologists. You must understand that while many signs of cardiac emergencies among patients are similar, each case is different.

ACLS certification exams assess you on various competencies relevant to cardiac life support. The course exposes you to the following topics and helps you learn skills that can help people dealing with:

  • Acute dysrhythmia
  • Strokes
  • Recognition and intervention of cardiopulmonary arrest
  • Immediate post-cardiac arrest
  • Team communication


As an ACLS certified person, you can determine what patients need and play an active role in stabilizing their condition until they receive proper medical treatment.

Other Ways of Recertifying

Although recertifying your ACL online is a handy method to do it. It assists you in renewing your ACLS card; however, alternative ACLS recertification options are also valid. You can attend live workshops and learn from an instructor. Another way is to study online and take ACLS exams physically.

Many facilities allow healthcare practitioners to work with their trainers and earn recertification credits of ACLS. Trainers will assess your skills and ask you to take an hour or two long ACLS course to update your competencies and ACLS recertification.

Validity of ACLS Certification

A pervasive question regarding ACLS is its validity. As per American Heart Association, AHA’s recommendation, you need to recertify ACLS certification every two years. It gives people plenty of time to mark their calendars and plan their ACLS recertification.

Online recertification is not a lengthy process. Generally, it takes two to three hours to finish the course. Knowing beforehand about recertification allows you to plan things accordingly.

Multiple ACLS Practice Exams are Available Online

Before you start your ACLS recertification exam, take up practice exams to determine where you stand. Many times, people underestimate or overestimate their skills, and it affects their final results. You can take a practice exam that helps pinpoint the areas that need improvement and enables you to turn them into your strengths.

ACLS requires you to Memorize Algorithms

ACLS recertification applies to people who have already taken an ACLS course in the past. Learning various algorithms is a requirement of taking an ACLS. They are a flowchart that properly guides candidates about the procedures to help with cardiac situations.

Ahead of your ACLS recertification, revisit these algorithms and ensure to have command over them. The algorithms include:

  • Adult Tachycardia Algorithm
  • Acute Coronary Syndromes (ACLS) Algorithm
  • Opioid- associated Life-Threatening Emergency Algorithm
  • Adults Suspected Stroke Algorithm
  • Immediate Post-cardiac Arrest Care Algorithm


ACLS is not only for Nurses

A general misconception is that ACLS recertification is only limited to nurses. The truth is ACLS recertification has now become mandatory for many healthcare practitioners.

To continue to practice as a physician or land a job in a healthcare facility, you need to recertify your ACLS every two years.

If ACLS gets Expired

Several people cannot track their time and often miss out on taking exams when needed. Their ACLS expires, and they worry that they no longer can practice. Supposedly, you miss your deadline and pass your application date for recertification, and you still have multiple options. You can retake the ACLS course or give proof of continuing education to reimburse the credits. If ACLS expires, it is not the end of the medical career, and you still have other ways of recertifying it.


ACLS is one of the significant medical certifications. ACLS certified practitioners can intervene during cardiac emergencies and help stabilize patients’ conditions until they reach a hospital.

ACLS recertification is typically due after every two years. While some ACLS certification requires students to take online workshops but attempt exams physically. Many institutes offer online ACLS recertification, saving people’s valuable time and offering flexibility. Whether you are an aspiring healthcare practitioner or a practicing physician, you must know the points mentioned earlier before taking up ACLS certification.