How to Do Reverse Curls Correctly

How to Do Reverse Curls Correctly

To build a set of gigantic biceps, reverse bicep curls are an outstanding exercise. It targets the biceps and forearms in a way that you will feel the pump only after a few reps.

These are some advantages on why you ought to be acting out the reverse bicep curl: recovered arm strong point and growth, enhanced muscle difference between extensor and flexor muscles, reduced elbow pain with enhanced muscle stability. Moreover, the exercise is effective for building strong muscle fibres with a low tendency of injury.

In addition, it enhances the capability to lift heavyweights, recover brachialis muscle growth, grow healthier bicep structures, and develop workout procedures and techniques.

How to Do It with Dumbbells?

How to Do It with Dumbbells

The first key point is you need a pair of dumbbells. The benefit of reverse curls is that you are starting it in a pronated position where the wrist is rotated over. This is important because when you are in pronation, you activate brachioradialis. Also, the muscle runs across the elbow joint and adds a lot of bulk and strength. The muscle gets incredibly engaged when you are in pronation.

First, you will make sure that when you grab the dumbbells, to get in a good straight upright posture. Next, make sure the core is tight, and bring your wrist into a slight extension.

Consequently, just as high elbows are pinned at the sides you are going to right on up to the top and come right down nice and slow. The eccentricity on the way down is the key to this exercise. While lifting, the wrist stays in slight extension and comes right down where you squeeze.

Now, you may notice as the dumbbells travel they might not be totally parallel and that is because naturally, your elbows are pins. So, the dumbbell is going to kind of want to glide out to the side in an angled motion. This is totally fine.

What you do not want to happen is to return to an upright row where the elbows start to go higher than the wrists. This will allow the weight to go from biceps to elbow and forearms and make it less effective for the biceps.

How to Do It with Barbell?

For this exercise, you need a straight bar and what you are going to do is grab the barbell with an inside grip just about shoulder-width apart and have your palms facing inwards. This workout will work on your biceps.

Grip the barbell, take a step back, plant your heels in, slightly bend your knees, and keep your chest up. You are going to bring the bar up all the way up and then come down nice, slow, and in a controlled motion on the way down. Ensure when you perform this workout you breathe out on the way up and breathe in on the way down.

How to Do EZ Barbell Reverse Curl?

Ensure that your wrist stays neutral throughout the entire movement as the grip is a bit more challenging. Your wrists are going to be bent downwards.

One more thing that is very important is, you need to keep the humorous perpendicular to the ground as much as possible. Even if you are finishing the curl, do not drive the elbows forward. Make sure you go all the way down towards the biceps in its full range of motion. Keep the abdominal muscles braced and solid.

One more thing to keep in mind is don’t try to swing too much. Bodybuilders, to lift heavy weights, tend to have a swing motion so that they can easily lift. This is allowed in some exercises but not in this one. A more controlled and focused motion is preferred for reverse curls.

Final Thought

When performing Reverse curls or any bicep exercise, the one thing to keep in mind is the right form. The right form is crucial to get the most out of each set and to prevent your body from any kind of injury. Therefore, before trying out any new exercise, it is imperative that you learn about it, watch tutorials, and educate yourself before going at it with full force. Bodybuilding is a game of patience and consistency.