Testosterone: Everything You Need To Know

Testosterone killing foods

Working your way out at the gym, do you feel like there has been a great deal of change in various aspects of your physical health, and that, not in a positive path? Do you feel like your secondary sexual characteristics are curtailing or are not up to the mark? Well, then, there must have been a decline in confidence and self-esteem as well to some extent.

I’m not saying this as a physician, I know this because certainly, I am aware of the ill effects of low levels of testosterone in the body. No, this is not a big deal. Anyone apart from a doctor or your regular physician can tell you these little things about testosterone. But how credible are those to believe?

Here, in this blog, we will talk in detail about what testosterone is and how it affects your body. Also, there is a segment that divulges about the foods that might have contributed to the low levels of testosterone. Thereby, another section holds the information on the testosterone boosting mechanism. So, without any fuss, dive into the best habit of all-reading!

What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is essentially a hormone that can be found in animals, including humans and we are here to talk about the one found in humans, of course. This hormone exists in both men and women, although in much smaller amounts for women. Primarily, testosterone is highly crucial for men.

It accounts for their fertility, production of red blood cells, muscle mass, and fat distribution and is also linked with sexual drives and secondary sexual characteristics of men. The hormone is vital as it plays a major role in sperm production. A decrease in the levels of testosterone is a growing concern these days.

With lifestyle changing and the replacement of fresh organic food with processed and synthesized food, the male populace has observed a significant fall in the levels of testosterone. According to Urology Times, the levels of testosterone have been decreasing significantly among men in the United States- as presented at the American Urological Association Virtual Experience.

It further implies that the deficiency of testosterone in adult males has gone up to 10-40% by the year 2020 and that 20% of Young men of the United States have the same issues.

Physicians from all across the world have tested and verified that a certain level of testosterone is vital for the normal functioning of the body in both males and females. Although in males, the proportion is much higher than women, it is necessary for women too, for several reasons. Physicians measure the levels of testosterone in nanograms per decilitre (ng/dl).

In an adult male (17 to 18 years), the amount of testosterone compelled for a conventional body functioning is- 300 to 1200 ng/dl while for 19 years and above it is 250 to 950 ng/dl. For women of around 17 to q8years of age, This level reduces to 20-75 ng/dl which further declines to a standard limit of 8-69 ng/dl for females over 19 years of age.

Now, let us understand the significance of testosterone in men’s bodies.

Functions of Testosterone:

Here are some of the essential facts that might make you a little more considerate of the testosterone levels in your body. Testosterone is responsible for a variety of processes taking place in a man’s body. Let us take look at what these are:

  • As discussed earlier, it is mainly responsible for the regulation of bone mass, muscle mass, strength, libido, the pattern of fat production in men’s bodies.
  • Also, it is periodically engaged in the ordinance of estradiol which is a form of estrogen.
  • Not just men decreased levels of testosterone can adversely affect women too. It decreases their libido, results in inferior bone strength, can impose poor concentrations, and as a worst-case scenario, can cause depression too.

What does testosterone imbalance look like?

Imbalance accounts for both high and low levels of a hormone. This imbalance in the body can be caused due to a variety of reasons. Testosterone imbalance can have a striking effect on the body of a person. Low testosterone levels, also known as hypogonadism can cause a variety of symptoms such as:

  • A decline in sexual drive or libido
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Decreased sperm count
  • Expanded or swollen chest tissues
  • Losing of body hair, muscle bulk, loss of strength.
  • An increase in body fat

When these symptoms persist for a longer period, it can lead to the following conditions:

  • Osteoporosis- a condition leading to reduction of bone mass.
  • Mood swings
  • Energy reduction
  • Shrinkage of the testicles.

On the other hand, an increased level of testosterone can also have certain stressful consequences on the male body such as the onset of puberty before the actual period- that is 9 years of age. Although this condition is rare in men, it does entail downsides.

For women, an increased level of testosterone can be a menace. It causes their voice to growing deeper and coarser, irregularities in menstrual cycles, baldness in some cases, swelling and unwanted growth of the clitoris, constriction in breast size. The secondary sexual characteristics are affected as follows: body shape changes, oily skin, proliferated acne, facial hair growth, and excessive hair growth around the body.

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The dilemma of testosterone level declining is huge and a problematic one. As everything would have a reason, this too has some. As everything has its root somewhere, this too originated from a discrete cause. There can be multiple reasons for the deterioration of testosterone levels in men. Here, along with some minor causes, we will discuss in detail the major one- Foods that kill testosterone.

Causes of low testosterone:

The factors affecting testosterone levels can be plenty. Here are some of the most cited ones:

  • Castration- a sort of injury of the testicles
  • Testicular infection
  • Certain medications might have it as a side effect such as Opiate analgesics
  • Disorders disturbing the hormone levels.
  • Pituitary tumour, high prolactin levels can also result in a reduced degree of testosterone.
  • Chronic and lifelong diseases including diabetes- primarily type 2, HIV/ AIDS, kidney diseases, obesity, liver diseases, etc.
  • Genetic disorders and syndromes duh as Klinefelter syndrome, hemochromatosis, Prader-Willi syndrome, Myotonic Dystrophy, and Kallman syndrome.

What Foods kill testosterone?

Food is a dynamic and most essential element in the survival of a person. Food has often been linked to a variety of bodily matters since the dawn of humankind. Food can make or break a human being. “We become what we eat”- a very widespread saying that has gotten into our heads and is stored there as permanent knowledge. When we talk about testosterone levels, mentioning food and its incredible association with testosterone levels is crucial for discerning the right information.

One of the most followed magazines and websites Medical News Today has claimed that certain foods affect the testosterone levels in a man’s body. It infers that certain food items are more likely to reduce the testosterone levels in the body than others. These include a range of dairy products, soy, and a particular range of fats too.

Read on to get an insight into the trouble-causing food that you’re consuming.

  1. Soy and Soy products:  soy products like edamame, tofu, soy protein recluses, embody phytoestrogens. As the name suggests, these ingredients are more like estrogen and function the same. An extensive study published in the journal of German Medical Science indicates that the reason has not come out to be distinct and discrete in the case of soy. The research published there demonstrated a link between soy derivatives and fluctuating estrogen and serum testosterone levels.

Other studies have been successful in illustrating that men showed decreased tenderness of breasts and a return of estrogen levels to standard as an aftereffect of not consuming soy products.

Soy products tend to cause an increase in the levels of estrogen thereby diminishing the effects of testosterone.

  1. Dairy: Dairy products are effective and healthy for some. While for some, they can be harmful. The study around testosterone levels and dairy products proves this point. Natural or synthetic hormones parents in Cow’s milk can result in a decreased level of testosterone. Also, the possibility that animal products may include soy in them increases the probability of those products further being categorized as testosterone-killing foods.
  2. Alcohol: Just a few hours of ecstasy and years of issues- that’s what alcohol begets for you. The presence of alcohol in this list is a ‘must’. Do not worry, you can have a few moments of elation in peace as the study broadcasted in the Current Drug Abuse Review journal has good news- a small amount of alcohol does not have the potential to alter your testosterone levels. Only elevated drinking issues, regulars, and enormous drinking are said to cause the trouble.
  3. Minty Mint: whether it is peppermint or spearmint, the elation thereafter consuming the tea of any of these ingredients might have a soothing and refreshing impact. But, it is proven and posted that the menthol present in mint does not have as fortunate aftermath as that tea.

As mentioned in the paper posted in the Advanced Pharmaceutical Bulletin, the consequence of spearmint essential oil on rats with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome ( PCOS) was a reduction in the level of testosterone.

  1. The Yummy desserts: bread, pastries, and desserts are not a good option for someone who wishes to maintain their testosterone levels. A high first of these products can lead to a decline in your testosterone levels. Nutrients, well-known journal articles published that exhibits the link between bread, desserts, and pastries and low levels of testosterone. Other papers also infer that not eating regularly the dark green vegetable fan also has the same effect.
  2. Certain Fats:  Fats are mainly popular for causing some or other kind of trouble to the human body. Certain fats are also listed for their contribution to a low level of testosterone. Wondering what foods kill testosterone, many have stumbles upon researches published in the Asian Journal of Andrology. These papers imply that trans fat can lower testosterone levels. Not just this, the omega- 6 fatty acids are also known to be testosterone-killing foods.

We hope to have answered your question about what foods kill testosterone efficiently. Moving on, the segment with the treasure of best testosterone boosters is not far. Get along with us till the very end.

Which are the best Testosterone booster foods?

Testosterone increasing foods

Having talked about the causes, foods, and other contributors to low testosterone levels, we now come to an essential portion of the blog that tells you about which foods increase testosterone the most.

  • Tuna: Possessing multiple goodness factors, tuna tends to increase testosterone production in the body. The abundance of vitamin D in Tuna is associated with extended life and testosterone efficiency. To list down the best testosterone booster, Tuna deserves to be in a notable position.

Not a fan of Tuna? Not a problem! Try your hand out with Salmon or Sardines. These fishes will quench your need for Vitamin D for the week.

  • Low-fat milk: Since certain dairy products are not the best testosterone boosters, you might consider adding low-fat milk with vitamin D into your diet. As a sideline benefit, it will help you keep your homes stronger. Skimmed versions or the ones with low fat fortified with the goodness of Vitamin D can be your churn for a great testosterone booster.
  • Egg Yolks: Not to boast, but eggs are one of the best testosterone boosters Though often ignored and thrown as a result of misguidance, egg yolks tend to be more beneficial than egg whites altogether. As a fun fact, cholesterol in the egg yolks is not a bad guy here. It helps increase testosterone levels.
  • Beans: Beans are not just a type of vegetable lying around the corner of the vendor. These entail excellence in terms of testosterone-boosting foods.

Testosterone levels are a crucial matte rod concern for many people around the globe. People who suffer because of low levels of testosterone can only comprehend the discomfort it entails.

Several studies and extensive research work have gone into proving the existence of facts and discovering the foods that efficiently upswing the levels of testosterone. Do not think of yourself as anything less than a man or a woman if you have these testosterone imbalances. Having the right guidance and treatment can get your issues resolved.