The Ultimate Push, Pull & Legs Workout Routine

bodybuilder performing push pull and leg workout routine


Exercise is a mandatory element for everyone. Gone are the days where people used to seldom perform any exercise, and sit down and munch on snacks. People these days have become very health conscious and intend to keep their bodies fit and flexible. Workout is an integral part of daily exercise.

A healthy diet along with regular sleep and other physical activities determine the quality of life. Workout is a part of the lifestyle in the twenty-first century and you must start a schedule and put some minutes in your daily routine to ensure that you get that body beyond perfection.

Push, Pull & Legs Workout is important for a gyming person because a fine and toned leg provides a nice, statured framework to the body. If you have a gyming week or you hit the gym regularly, devote a whole day to your legs.

Legs also need regular friction which they get from other workouts as well, but devoting a whole day to them would enhance the quality of your workout. You could feel those extra muscles down your legs and thank yourself on a date when you feel better and ride on with great confidence.

The Diet:

Push, pull and leg diet plan

The first important thing is diet. Diet is very crucial and plays a vital role in your muscle formation. Do not listen to them who speculate things like, “You need to eat as much as you can.” This is not what gymming -freaks talk about. Better you can refer to a good diet chart, ask your gym trainer, or adhere to this article and I will let you know the perfect diet you need to maximize your efforts.

  • Peanut Butter, Whole Grain Breads, and banana shake:

Have this in mind, that you are going to perform a physical task and this is the most crucial time of the day. Do not feed yourself lightly and hit the gym. You may need a whole lot of food to nourish your body to maximize the efforts you put into your gym.

Eat healthily, but also eat wisely. You do not need to eat a lot and then feel lethargic. Eat wisely, choose the contents properly and take the items according to your body requirement. Enjoy this before some minutes of your legs workout and thoroughly plan your schedule while savouring this meal.

  • Oats, berries, protein shake, and seasonal fruits:

This is another advantage for you. Cook oats for yourself, eat the way you prefer. If you want to have the oats with milk, you can have them if you just want to cook them and eat, then also you can have them but make sure that you have a big bowl of fruits with you so that you get the desired nutrition for the day. A protein shake is important and fill it in a sipper and have it according to your convenience.

  • Mashed eggs with avocado:

This is also a popular option for a lot of gym trainers and learners. These are good to boost your whole day. Eggs are rich in all vital nutrients and avocado is a great appetizer. They would definitely enhance your performance at the gym and no doubt those legs would get trimmed soon.

Best Push-Pull Workout Routine

Pre-Workout Routine:

The best start to a good push or pull routine is stretching. Most trainers focus more on stretches and the reason is it relaxes the muscles and warms them up for a rigorous day. Stretch is the best way to boost your workout routine, especially if it is a leg routine.

You may ask the importance of a workout routine which we should follow before the actual workout. What is the need for it? Why should I follow the workout? Is it legitimate on my part? To answer your questions in a single word, Yes. You need a great warm-up so that you actually perform well at the time of need.

Had your sipper, packed your bag and ready with a water bottle? Now on the way to the gym, have at least fifteen minutes in your hand and follow a pre-workout routine. Make sure that you don’t drain the whole energy and get exhausted at the time of need.

Do these exercises according to your need and keep your body enthusiastic and agile so that you are more lively when you are in the arena.

Here are some good stretches you should follow before the routine:

Regular Warm-up:

These are a series of exercises that include a quick little jog, hopping, stretching, and rotating your joints and muscles of your body to ensure that you sweat and you lose some of your heaviness and lethargy in one go. Do this quite often before you start your daily exercise and make sure that you don’t overdo it.

In your regular workout routine, make sure that you breathe properly. Do the workouts along with breathing and focus more on the muscles for which you are performing that particular exercise. Twist a lot and hang a bit to stretch your whole body and maintain momentum.

Leg Swings:

Leg swings are the best dynamic movements before your workout. These are simple, easy, and are best to perform:

These are steps:

  • Stand tall and strong. Face a wall or support and hold the support.
  • Now gently move your legs back and forth and increase the magnitude of the stretch bypassing a couple of kicks.
  • Do this ten times and relax for twenty seconds.

Pumping your calf muscles:

These are very effective for your calf muscles and require some minutes of your workout routine to give you a better calf output for the day.

These are the steps:

  • Stand in a push-up position. Stretch your arms, legs, and calf a bit.
  • Push one leg back and push the toes on the ground, stretching your calf muscles.
  • Do this routine ten times and this would do the job.

Cossack Squatting:

Squats especially for your legs are good and if it is your groin, then this would be the best exercise for a pre-workout.

These are steps:

  • This is a sideway squat, where you Bend your knee to a sitting position and stretch your other leg as you do a squat.
  • Do this eight times, ten times maximum.
  • These are very effective for a strong groin.

Bulgarian Split Squats:

These are very effective for your glutes, core muscles, and legs. These are best for leg day!

Here are the steps:

  • Stand straight, cross the fingers of your hand and hold them together firmly.
  • Now, keep one of your feet on an elevator and Bend your knees to the ground, maintaining your position.
  • Do this ten times and you would see the benefits.

The Workout!

Now, the exercise has some credentials which you must look upon:

The main motive of the exercise is to build your muscles. Fitness is a journey, it’s not a destiny. Now, this exercise routine should be followed daily for at least six days. You can take a day off and give your body some time to relax and make up for all the strenuous activity you did for the whole day.

This is intermediate training and requires an hour of physical workout. You can do it irrespective of your gender and you also need some equipment like a barbell, bodyweight, dumbbells, and gyming machines. Adhere to them in this article:

Bulldozer training is a very important workout that is followed to ensure the maximum output of this workout.

Each workout basics starts with a compound lift using fifteen repetition goals over five sets. If you exceed the repetition goal by 0-3 repetitions, then add 2.5-5lbs to the working weight the very next time you try to perform this exercise. If you exceed the repetition goal by more than four repetitions, then add five to ten lbs to the working weight.

Push Workout Routine – I

Flat Barbell Bench Press:

Do it in five sets with fifteen repetition goals within ninety seconds or two minutes. Use the weight twenty percent less than your previous workout.

Seated Neck press:

Do this in 3 sets, in 20 repetitions in 1 minute. This is a good exercise at the basic level.

Tricep Dips:

Do this in 3 sets with 5-15 repetitions.

Standing Cable Crossovers:

 Do this in 5 sets with 10-15 repetitions in 30 seconds.

Seated Tricep Extension:

Do this the same as the previous workout and make sure you take regular breaks between them for better consolidation.

Seated Dumbell Raises:

Do this for 5 sets with 15 repetitions in 60 seconds.

Pull Workout Routine- I

Conventional Deadlift:

Do this for 5 sets, 15 repetitions in 90 seconds.


Do this for 3 sets, 15 repetitions in 1 minute.

Chest supported rows:

Do this for 2-3 sets, 15 repetitions in 1 minute.

Legs Routine:

Standing Barbell Curls:

Do this for 5 sets, 25-50 repetitions in 1 minute.

Standing Cable Reverse Fly:

Do this for 5 sets, 30-50 repetitions in 15 seconds.

Barbell Back squat:

Do this for 5 sets, 25-50 repetitions in 2 minutes.

Leg Press:

Now, these are one of the most important exercises you should do to tone up your legs with better outputs and a pair of chiselled legs.

Remember this thing. You have to articulate the values of discipline in your workout routine. You have to exercise most often to ensure that you gain the best control of your body. You have to exercise most often, at least six days a week so that you get the maximum results in minimum time.

What do researchers say?

The Goley, N.D., US Research Paper, 2020 clearly shows the linear advantages that several exercises were subjected to after the respective companies made a move to accustom these exercises. The GMR Report, 2021 elucidates that push/pull/leg exercises, when going hand-in-hand, explicitly increased the profit rate to 37 percent.

The recent reports stated by the Tufts University Research Scholars, Massachusetts, states that Exercises that started transcribing and Consulting as a sideline business, turned up to full-time Business Elites and cracked the logarithm of exercise statements. The Viennese Analyst workout Report, 2020, suggests that gyms should add these exercises to their elemental links.

Scientists also found that exercising on a daily basis in gyms has a great impact on health and is very good for overall outsourcing. You would feel better with better health and more enthusiasm would be seen as always.

Adults are Growing in a world where they have to sit back and use their phones, having unconventional diets with unusual food timing is quite bad for health. Regular exercise, high hydration with proper sleep are mandatory for good health.

Not only would you look healthy and you are an asset to the world or the company but also your Individual perspective gets better with the adventure of exercise in your lifestyle.

Focus more on a healthy lifestyle, have higher amounts of food high in fibres, proteins, and vitamins. Focus on your habits and practice spiritualism to Live a healthy life. It is very important to focus more on this arena and you won’t face any problems in your whole life. For a better gymming output and better performance, this push or pull or Leg exercise is compulsory.


Workout is a journey, it’s a station. It is that phase of your life where you have to Show the values you have got in yourself to understand the importance of physical exercise. Make sure that you put those extra efforts, those extra hours into your work to get a fair chance for self-growth.

Doing this push, pull or leg workout for a consecutive period would enhance the effectiveness of the exercise routine. At times you may feel dejected, low on concentration, and require that gymming motivation but Make sure that you always take a step ahead for a better gymming output. Make sure that you follow this routine and let us know the benefits you reaped from those exercises.