Can Neck Pain Be a Sign of Something Serious?

Can Neck Pain Be a Sign of Something Serious?

Who hasn’t woken up with a pain in the neck that prevents you from turning your head to the sore side? It is caused by incorrect posture during work, spending many hours in front of the desk, and many more reasons. Can neck pain be a sign of something serious? Yes.

When the neck muscles contract, the blood flow to them tends to decrease and this can cause nagging pain. The pain can be scattered on shoulders, back, head and jaws. Severe neck pain can radiate to the arms causing abnormality in the hands.

Can neck pain be a sign of something serious?

Neck pain can be a sign of serious if you have the following symptoms:

●      Continuous pain

If your neck pain does not go away after taking remedies and you feel the pain continuously, it could be a sign of serious health issues.

●      Pain spread on the body

Severe neck pain spreads on the head, arms, legs and all over the body. If you have this, immediately consult a specialized doctor.

●      Fever and headache

Pain with fever and headache is not a good sign. If you are ignoring the symptoms, it may be worse for you.

●      Numbness

If you feel numbness or tingling after neck pain, you may have neurological issues. Immediately go to a neuro specialist before being paralyzed.

●      Uneven weight loss

It is recommended that every pain-related patient check weight frequently. If your weight dropped unexpectedly, be hospitalized immediately to diagnose and take proper treatment.

Though neck pain is common to everyone. But if you have the following symptoms with neck pain, it could be a sign of serious disease.

Causes of neck pain

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At the origin of neck pain, usually, there are problems in the vertebral joints. In fact, there are soft parts that can thin over the years (arthrosis) between one vertebra and the other. The two rings thus undergo a rubbing that irritates nerves or muscles. The intervertebral cushions can be misaligned (scoliosis) or protrude abnormally (slipped disc), compressing the surrounding muscles and nerves.

Other widespread causes are muscle or ligament problems following acute trauma. It happens because of our sedentary lifestyle, the wrong posture at the desk or computer or driving. These situations generally have a positive outcome. They are resolved with physiotherapy treatments or re-education in the water.

Neck pain can occur due to inadequate effort or excessive load (bags, heavy backpacks) or excessive musculoskeletal tension caused by anxiety or stress. In most cases, there is a slight alteration of the structures in the region of the first vertebrae of the spine.

Muscle contracture can be due to many causes, very different from each other and often difficult to identify. Contrary to what we tend to think, the cold or the blows of air are not the main factors of the disorder. But they facilitate its appearance. The painful contracture can be due to inflammation or to the consequences of trauma to the vertebral joints. In other cases, the cause can be a real joint pathology, such as a herniated disc in the cervical level.

Incorrect position for a long time overloads the cervical tract and causes recurring pain. You can use a posture corrector such as Neck Hammock. Neck Hammock benefits are many and they will surprise you.

Prevent neck pain naturally

In most cases, neck pain occurs due to bad sitting habits. If the position is not fixed, it can trigger more pain. If you spend many hours at your desk, it is recommended to ensure that the screen is no less than 50 cm from the face and a little lower. So, the head remains straight. The mouse must be close to the keyboard. Both should be used with the forearms resting on the desk.

Keep Ankles and knees straight

The feet should be flat on the ground and the ankle must be at a 90-degree position. At least every half hour, you should get up and take a few steps, stretch for a few minutes. So, the whole musculoskeletal system benefits from this, especially the back. Regardless of the activity performed, take a few minutes every day to do some stretching exercises. Stretch the muscles of the neck and the whole back, a simple but very effective investment in health.

In the case of whiplash

Some neck ailments may take longer. Prevention becomes fundamental, above all avoiding keeping the neck in fixed positions for a long time. Regular practice of a physical activity that involves the use of the upper limbs. So, the toned muscles better defend the neck from any stress.


Fix your daily habits

There are some useful habits for those who drive for a long time. In these people, the neck muscles must continually balance the micro-displacements caused by jolts and vibrations. The car seat must be straight and in a position. It allows you to keep your folded arms comfortably relaxing on the drive wheel. Take a pause after every 2 hours of stretching your muscles. It is good to use a pillow that does not force the head into an unnatural or annoying position during sleep.

Do constant neck exercises

Even just 5 minutes a day, but try to give your muscles a constant positive stimulus. No chronic problem can be solved without constant stimulation. Maintain it for at least 3 months. The exercise program will guarantee long-term well-being.

Final words

Can neck pain be a sign of something serious? Yes, it could be a sign of serious health issues. If you are feeling constant pain on other sides of the body, numbness, vomiting, migraine and weight loss with neck pain, never wait. Consult a doctor immediately. To prevent neck pain permanently, do regular exercise and maintain a good posture everywhere.