How Does the Airphysio Work?

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Are you concerned about your lungs’ health or suffering from pulmonary disorder? Do you experience breathing difficulties while asleep or even during the daytime? Now, the AirPhysio are effective breathing assistants. You should try and testify how they work. But how do AirPhysio devices function?

Right, if you need to learn the working process of the AirPhysio devices, get deep into the article. Herein, we would like to enlighten readers on how the AirPhysio devices work. Further, we shall add on the feature that enables them to provide that amicable functioning capability. Catch up the whole information about the AirPhysio in this article.

How does the AirPhysio Work?

Before we chip into explaining how these devices work, readers need to have clear information about what they are. Now, AirPhysio devices are medically certified lung exercising devices that help people maintain normal breathing patterns. They are certified and proved effective to people suffering from diseases like COPD, asthma, and other pulmonary disorders.

Due to their excellent work in improving breathing patterns among patients. Even though they are growing popular among people, still many people don’t know how they function. Before discussion about how they work, do these devices really work?

Yes, experts have tested and approved that the AirPhysio are functional and they are more effective than similar devices. Going online, there are also positive reviews from previous customers that prove that these gadgets provide a service. Those who ever used them testified to a drastic change in their breathing pattern and their health. Now, how do AirPhysio breathing devices work?

AirPhysio devices incorporate few components that enable them to perform their duties effectively. They employ the Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure to maintain continuous and natural breathing patterns. Their functionality entails the creation of pressure in the lungs to loosen the mucus in the airway.

When a user exhales through the mouthpiece, there is the creation of positive pressure in the lungs. The positive pressure helps in the expansion and strengthening of the lungs. AirPhysio consists of other components like steel balls, protective covers, and steel balls. Before using the unit, you should take off the protective cover; steel balls and circular cones create air resistance.

Now, the machine will enhance the creation of air pressure in the lungs even while the steel balls are stationary. Your breath will likewise move the steel balls as the strength in the lungs increases. Ball movement will facilitate the creation of an oscillating pressure thereby making the airways vibrate. Lastly, the entire process will loosen mucus in the airway lining to enable you to naturally cough it out.

How to Use the AirPhysio Devices

how to use airphysio

Using the AirPhysio breathing devices is a breeze since they don’t comprise any technicality at all. No need of hiring the services of a technician to help you get through the usage process. Use the steps below to learn how these devices are easy to use.

Step One

Filling your lungs is the first thing you will do when using these devices. Into the unit mouthpiece, make a deep breath to their maximum limit. After this, ensure you hold it for about three seconds.

Step Two

Next, you will insert the device in the mouth and breathe out naturally. Avoid blowing air with force since this might make the chest tighten. People with low pressure should do it a bit faster to curb that short challenge. If possible try doing this at a natural pace.

Step Three

It will take you a few moments to do this. You will breathe into the device continually until you observe that steel balls start oscillating.

Step Four

The sooner the balls start oscillating, turn your AirPhysio cap to face upwards. Be careful with the vibrations felt on the thorax region. Carry out slow adjustments to the machine until you attain maximum vibrations. During this process, ensure the cheeks remain stiff to ensure to avoid the distribution of air through the thorax and your mouth.

Step Five

If you have accomplished the steps above perfectly, accumulated mucus will start rolling up from the lungs. It takes a moment for it to travel to the gut where you will swallow it. Likewise, try coughing it out to expel it quickly.

Step Six

Lastly, you will do a repetitive task of the above steps for about five minutes every roll-up. This is approximately two sessions for each minute. You will really enjoy breathing sessions as you look up to changing your breathing pattern for the better.

Remember, as you do this, the body will require sufficient oxygen supply to function effectively. At each repeat session, a user should ensure to take about three deep breaths before the next repeat session. This ensures the body receives enough oxygen to ease other repeat sessions.

As seen from the guide above, using the AirPhysio is simple, and no need for a technician to help you. Follow our steps and try it out yourself. There are also user manuals that come with it to enable users to get it clear how they go about using these devices.

Apart from being easy to use, AirPhysio devices stand out since they need nothing much to execute their function. They function without invasive procedures, use of drugs, or even surgery as such. Moreover, these are systems for everybody and you can use them anywhere.


If you have problems with your breathing pattern, you have a solution to it right away. They are excellent devices for people with pulmonary complications and generally breathing problems. AirPhysio breathing devices are excellent inventions that can bring a change in your breathing pattern. However, you only get it all from them by using them effectively as recommended by experts.

The discussion we have had above entails content on how the AirPhysio breathing devices work. Further, we enlightened readers on how to use them effectively for excellent results. Incorporating ideas herein guarantees you effective and enjoyable results from your AirPhysio device.