Rebel Wilson opened up about her weight loss transformation

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Transformation 2

Rebel Wilson an Australian actress finally opened up about her weight loss transformation in social media.


We all know about the popular Australian actress Rebel Wilson. When the world was suffering from a pandemic in 2020, she decided to lose weight and get transformed. This ultimate transformation made her fans go crazy. Yes, The Pitch Perfect actress also opened up about her weight loss transformation in an Instagram video.

Also, in her interview, she had explained everything from the scratch. This inspiring journey of Rebel Wilson will amaze you. Let’s know everything about her transformation journey.

Why did Rebel Wilson decide to Lose Weight?

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Wilson played the role of the most popular character “Fat Amy” in the movie Pitch Perfect. In an interview, she admits that “I was battling myself for the last 20 years. My excessive weight became a part of fun and comedy”. She also stated that “I tried to lose weight when I was 20 but after losing a few kilograms it started gaining back.

She also said, ” I know this year was quite bad for everyone but I was able to come up with determination this year. This year was full of extremely fun and hard work for me”. Wilson made this year as Year of Health.

In an Instagram Story, Rebel Wilson said “I have officially achieved my weight loss goals in this year”. She also shared a pic of a weighing machine scaling 74.6 kg. “It is not just a weight number, it was about being healthy for me, My weight loss goal was 165 pounds (75kgs).

Many of her fans want to know the diet and workout she followed to achieve this epic weight loss transformation. Wilson also shared a video in which she revealed all the diet and fitness tips to her fans.

“I started at around 220 pounds and made my weight loss goal to 165 pounds. The best way to start any work is to make your goals” – Rebel Wilson

To answer all her fan’s questions she was also live the previous week. She said ” I was thinking about having good quality eggs in the bank, so I was like, “Ok” Now I’m going to do this happen, I’m going to get healthy this year”.


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Wilson explained that she was suffering from Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and an Emotional eating disorder. It was very difficult for her to lose weight along with these problems. But she remained consistent with her goals over the year and in November she tweeted that “I am feeling healthier than ever and I love my curves”.

She started her weight loss journey in January and was also planning for a new lifestyle in 2021. Here is everything she told about her diet and fitness routine.

11 Secrets that helped Rebel Wilson Lose Weight Easily

  • Avoid sugar and junk food from her diet
  • She trains at the gym most days of the week
  • She keeps posting her Results on Social Media
  • She lifts weights
  • She is following Mayr Method
  • She follows Self-love
  • She performs TRX to build strength and muscle coordination
  • Be okay with imperfection and stay real with yourself
  • Stay consistent with your goal
  • Try Meditation
  • Rethink before taking any decisions

1. Avoid sugar and junk food from her diet

She told that she was previously suffering from an emotional eating disorder and was eating around 3000 calories a day. During her weight loss journey, she started avoiding sugar and junk foods completely.

She said “I was dealing with my mental side of things ” Why I am not valuing myself” Why I am eating this much”. Due to which she decided to have healthy changes in her life. Started consuming more water and avoiding sugar and junk foods.

In August She posted that “Once at dinner I was craving for candies and was about to eat one then I decided to rethink and had a bottle of water instead of it”.  This time she was just 18 pounds far from her goal weight.

Well according to “Public health guidelines” adult women must consume around 1600 to 2500 calories per day.

2. She trains at the gym most days of the week

Wilson claimed that she used to hit the gym 6 days a week. “Sunday is a rest day and I am training at least an hour a day.” She said.

Jono Castano, the trainer of Rebel Wilson shared a video of an actress working very hard in the gym.


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In Today Magazine interview Jono Castano tells about the intensity training followed by Rebel Wilson. Here is that workout routine.

3. She keeps posting her Results on Social Media

“Social media is one of the best ways to influence, encourage yourself or others”- Anonymous. Wilson keeps updating her results on social media. Her Trainer Castano stated that posting your goals in public will help you know your results and flaws. Rebel has been posting the whole of 2020 about her transformation journey.

4. She lifts weights

Along with the cardio session, Wilson is also trained with strength training. She said, “Ladies, don’t be afraid of weights. I always love weight training“.

She also flips tires during her workout sessions which helps in the high-calorie burn. Wilson shared moments in her Instagram flipping a large tire. This video has made her fans go crazy.

5. She is following Mayr Method

Wilson claimed that she is following the Mayr method. A restrictive program that helps in effective weight loss and improves health. According to her trainer, Wilson has achieved ultimate results with the Mayr method.

The Mayr method is generally based on the Mayr cure made by an Austrian physician Franz Xaver Mayr. In this method, the use of sugar, caffeine, and snacking is eliminated. She visited the VivaMayr resort to continue her goals.

6. She follows Self-love

There was a time when Wilson was suffering from the emotional eating syndrome. She said, “The old pattern can still come back, I am worried about this, it’s not something that is disappearing it’s just something I have to always manage”. She always believes in self-love. Love yourself whether you are fat or slim, big or small. “I would wear my weight as a barrier”. She said, “I wasn’t treating myself with love and was not valuing myself”.

“When you are going through good habits, you are loving and respecting yourself” She continued. “I am working on self-love which is very hard to master. I am very blessed and that’s amazing”

7. She performs TRX to build strength and muscle coordination

Castano told about Wilson used to perform TRX that helped her in building strength and muscle coordination. He stated, “I prefer the TRX as it directly trains using body weight and gravity as resistance and helps in building strength, flexibility”.

“It’s not just about 45 minutes with a person It’s about 24 hours,” He said.

8. Be okay with imperfection and stay real with yourself

In Instagram, Wilson stated that “It is okay to be imperfect, no matter you are fat or thin, you have a perfect body” She also said, “I always loved my body. Stay real and positive with yourself”. To achieve her weight loss goals, she used to follow Mayr Method Diet Plan.

9. Stay consistent with your goal

“You should know what you are going to achieve just work for it and stay consistent”. She said in her live Instagram video. “I used to follow the workout consistently 7 days a week during my journey” She continued. Avoid bad eating, lift daily, eat good food, and rest your body. Great things take time.

10. Try Meditation

To get out of all the shi**y things, Wilson started doing meditation. As she was suffering from an emotional eating disorder so it was very difficult for her to lose weight. She used to meditate once a day that helped her in increasing her dedication towards health. She said ” Drinking water, eating good foods and meditation are the best fuel for your body”.

11. Rethink before taking any decisions

Castano suggested the tips that you perform the workout for 45 minutes a day, you should rethink once before taking any decisions related to training and diet. Make sure to check it will affect your body or not. This would be the best way to take any decision.

After a lot of hard work Rebel was able to complete her weight loss goals. She was very happy and shared this with her fans on Instagram. Everyone was amazed to see the Pitch Perfect actress in a new look. If you are also trying to lose weight just follow the Wilson tips, workout program, and diet to achieve your goals. You should also make this year the year of health.

Rebel recently shared her after transformation photo which is quite enough to tell you about her weight loss progress. Have a look.


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