How Much Does Online Therapy Cost? Your Ultimate Cost Guide

How Much Does Online Therapy Cost? Your Ultimate Cost Guide

In the past year, the world has seen significantly high levels of depression, anxiety, and general mental health problems. Yet individuals cannot receive the necessary therapy to combat mental health problems because of the very same problems that cause them.

Isolation and fear caused by the Covid-19 virus have led to significant mental health problems. Online therapy is providing an essential solution to this debilitating problem.

So, how much does online therapy cost?

Keep reading to learn about the factors involved in an online therapy cost as well as what you can expect to pay if you’re seeking help.

Online Therapy Cost Is Worth It

When you’re suffering from a debilitating illness, you’re willing to give just about anything to find relief. Your life depends on your mental health. Without a healthy perspective and hope, you will die.

So when you ask the question, “How much does online therapy cost,” you need to consider the cost of mental illness without online therapy.

Source of Therapy

Two factors affect the cost of online therapy. The features the company offers as well as where the online therapy comes from will affect the average cost of online therapy.

Online counseling services will charge as little as $65 a week and upward of over $100 a week, depending on where the company is located.

The qualifications of the counselor will affect the cost of therapy. The more credentials and education your counselor has, the more you can expect an online therapy session to cost. This makes sense since an experienced, qualified counselor is certainly worth more money.

Types of Therapy

The type of therapy you’re seeking will also determine the cost of the therapy. Not all online therapy is the same.

Some online therapy sessions are just an online text chat session. Others involve live video interaction with a webcam. Some counselors will even followup with a telephone session after the online session.

The type of therapy you seek matters as well. Online couples therapy cost may vary compared to other low-cost online therapy.

The more in-person the session, the more you can expect to pay for online counseling.

Costs Vary

Some counselors will charge a minute charge instead of a flat-rate like traditional counseling sessions. These prices can range from $1.75 up to $4.99 for every minute you chat online.

Some online services will charge a flat rate for a membership rather than a flat rate for a counseling session. Flat membership rates are nice because you can often access your counselor for an unlimited number of times.

Membership fees will range from $140 to $260 a week or a month, depending on the service. The flat membership rate is nice because you have more access to one cost.

Insurance Coverage

If you know you need therapy but struggle to pay for it, look into your insurance plan. Many health insurance plans are now recognizing mental health problems and thus covering them.

Some of the biggest carriers, including Blue Cross Blue Shield, can cover online therapist sessions. If your insurance helps, you might quickly discover that online therapy is something you can afford.

Look for booking deals. Some places will offer you deals on online therapy when you book 100 percent of your sessions online. Some will give up to a 20 percent discount if you book all of your sessions online.

Seek Help Where You Are

If work, fear, anxiety, or finances are preventing you from seeking the therapy you need, look into online therapy. You’ll quickly discover online therapy cost is not nearly the cost of staying unwell.

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