Side Hip Openers

side hip openers

You are able to work with a barbell behind your knee to get this particular exercise to get greater difficulty. Side hip openers are always the best exercise to get rid of hip dips. Here is a short tutorial to fo this exercise.

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How to do

  • Get down to all fours because you’d for Cat-Cow pose. Be certain that you keep your fingers directly under your shoulders, as well as your knees straight beneath your hips.
  • Stand as you lift up one leg to ensure it generates a 90-degree angle in the leg. Hold your knee flexed.
  • Gradually decrease your leg back off. Continue to keep your knee prior to touching the floor until you lift it back again.
  • Try so movement 1-5 times. Over the last repeat, heartbeat your leg 10 times at the top position prior to reducing.
  • Repeat to the other hand.


We have shared the quick tutorial of Side hip openers that will help you in building your butt and thigh muscles. Add this effective exercise to your workout routine to get the best result. All the best and stay strong. Buildingbeast.