The Dangers On Mixing Benadryl and Alcohol

benadryl and alcohol

If you are suffering from uncontrollable cough and cold, red or itchy eyes then you need only one thing and that is a relief. Luckily there are several OTC drugs that give your relief in this type of problem. Benadryl is one of the best drugs to relieve people. The problem increases when people mix Benadryl with alcohol. There are many dangers to mixing Benadryl and alcohol. Today in this article I am going to tell you about the bad results of mixing Benadryl and alcohol.

Benadryl is quite useful for our body as it helps in curing allergies but excessive use of Benadryl with or without alcohol will affect your health. We have analyzed the 10 risk that occurs by mixing the Benadryl and alcohol. So before getting started let’s know more about both of them.

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What is Benadryl?

Diphenhydramine also knows as Benadryl is an antihistamine drug that avoids the action of histamine in our body. Histamine is an organic compound that responds to allergens and that is the reason for having stuffy/watery nose, itchy skin and red eyes, etc.  An antihistamine drug works by blocking the response of our body to allergens and decreases allergy problems.

Benadryl is a very strong drug that can be purchased at a pharmacy store without any doctor prescription, but the question arises is it safe to use Benadryl or not? Yes, it is safe if and only if it is not consumed with alcohol. Let’s know about the different dangers of mixing Benadryl and alcohol.

Why We Should Not Mix Benadryl and Alcohol

We all know that alcohol affects our liver but Benadryl does not. Both the drugs directly target your nervous system and taking both the drugs together is really harmful to our body because they can easily slow down our central nervous system. Mixing up these two drugs will affect you both physically, mentally, and can cause sedation, drowsiness.

Benadryl and alcohol directly work on your central nervous system and consuming them together will be very risky and harmful.

Risk Of Mixing Benadryl and Alcohol

  • Dehydration

Both the drugs are responsible for dehydrating the body and mixing up them together will increase the risk of dehydration that can cause a hangover and discomfort.

  • Drowsiness

Excessive use of Benadryl can cause side effects and drowsiness problem which will decrease your memory or reaction speed. Mixing up alcohol and Benadryl will increase the risk of side effects.

  • Affects Your Liver

We all know that both alcohol and Benadryl affects the liver. Consuming both drugs together will increase the risk of liver problems in our bodies and will also decrease the daily functioning of the body.

  • ¬†Memory Loss

According to the research, Benadryl affects and blocks the action of acetylcholine which is responsible for memory and learning function in our body. Alcohol also affects our memory and learning process. It decreases our ability of thinking which gives rise to different problems. Mixing both will again create discomfort and problem for the body.

  • Affects your Medication Cycle

Benadryl interacts with your other medication and can increase the risk of health problems and side effects. Using alcohol and Benadryl together also leads to depression problems. If you take any type of medicine like ulcer, cough, and cold medicine, etc then Benadryl is not good for your body to consume.

  • Affects your stamina

Taking both the drugs together will decrease your stamina and body power. If you are an athlete or a sports person then it will be really harmful to you to consume both of them together.

  • Affects Adults

Body function slows down with increasing age and the ability to break down alcohol decreases. Due to which both the drugs remain in the body and increases the risk of harming the health.

  • Breathing Problem

Overdose of Benadryl can cause breathing problem, drinking with alcohol can make it more dangerous for your health.

  • Depression

Drinking Benadryl and alcohol together can cause depression in the adult. It will make you suffer and will slow down your body function.


You might have heard that do not drive if you take Benadryl with or without alcohol. There is a risk of getting depressed by using these drugs together. Also, you already know that drinking alcohol and driving is dangerous.

Drinking both the drugs together makes it harder to control your body movements which cause accidents. According to the laws, you can also get arrested if you consume these drugs together while driving.


The main use of Benadryl is to treat allergy symptoms only, it should not be used for any other purpose. Some people are using it as a sleep aid because Benadryl causes drowsiness and also an organic form of Benadryl is used in sleeping drugs. Alcohol also plays the same role and is quite enough to make you sleepy.

If you want a proper healthy sleep then please do not consume these drugs which are so addictive and will prevent you from sleeping without their use. Also, Benadryl can affect your medication cycle so to be safe you should use Benadryl to relieve your allergy.


Dementia is an organic term of memory loss, learning ability loss. According to the study, most of the people who consume one drug (including all anticholinergic drugs) per day for at least 2 to 3 years give rise to dementia.

Higher consumption of alcohol also leads to memory loss or dementia. Consuming both drugs together will also harm your body and will increase the risk of dementia.

How to consume Benadryl

If you are having any allergy problems then you can use Benadryl in the prescription of the doctor. Do not take overdose as it can affect your health and stop the use of it after completing the course. Consult your doctor from time to time-related to your problem.


In this article, we have shared information about how consuming Benadryl and alcohol together is dangerous for our health. Before using any drug please consult your doctor and the information provided above will definitely help you. Also, we have shared the risk causes by mixing up the Benadryl and alcohol. All the best and stay healthy.