How to do Barbell Shrugs

barbell shrugs

Shrugs are called as the best trap exercise for massive gains. It comes with barbell and dumbbell variations. Barbell shrugs target your traps, shoulders, and upper back muscles. Also responsible for increasing your muscular strength. Let’s jump on how to do this exercise.

Targeted muscles- Traps, shoulders, and upper back muscles.

How to do

  • Stand straight and grab a loaded barbell on your hands with an underhand grip at your waist level.
  • Keep your back straight and slightly lean forward. Now shrug your shoulders slowly.
  • Pause and return back to the starting position.

Complete 2 to 3 sets of 12, 10, 8 reps each.


In this article, we have shared a tutorial of Barbell shrugs. One of the best trap exercises to get bigger traps. Also for more best traps exercises checkout, this link Click Here. All the best and stay strong.