One Punch Man Workout For Ultimate Gains

One punch man workout

Training yourself as a superhero can give real strength powers. We all know about the one punch man guy who wants to become a superhero. The guy is full of strength and stamina, he is also known for his physique. If you are a one punch man fan and want to get a physique like him then you are on the right page. In this article, we will share one of the interesting program One punch man workout for ultimate gains. Also known as Saitama workout program.

This workout program includes 4 effective exercises that will target your major muscles and help you in building muscles. You must follow this one punch man workout challenge for at least 5 to 6 months to get the results. So go ahead and get ready to perform this superhero workout.

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Who is One punch man?

A 22-year-old unemployed guy who wants to become a superhero. To become a superhero you had to become stronger so he is following an intense training routine. His workout is a different kind of workout which makes him a stronger and powerful man in the world. He trains on a lonely road to become a superhero and defeat enemies with only one punch. Saitama followed this crazy workout program for 3 years which made him the world’s powerful man.

” Human Being are strong because we have the ability to change ourselves.”


Benefits of Saitama Workout

Here are some beneficial points to show why you should go for Saitama workout.

  • Improves Strength- This superhero workout program will increase your muscular strength and hypertrophy.
  • No need of gym- You can easily follow one punch man workout program at home or ground without any gym or equipment.
  • Easy to follow- There are only 4 exercises in this workout program and both beginners and professionals can perform this workout.
  • Endurance training- Saitama workout is designed to increase your endurance and stamina that makes you a real superhero.

Is the one punch man workout possible?

Yes, definitely you can train yourself as a superhero to build gains. Although one punch man workout challenge is one of the best training session you will ever come across. This workout is designed to build your strength and hypertrophy like a superhero. So don’t worry and follow the program.

One punch man workout challenge results

Many people are getting amazing results after doing this workout challenge. You should perform this workout challenge for at least 6 months to feel the results.

One Punch Man Workout Overview

One punch man workout program

Goal-  Muscle Building, Strength & Endurance
Workout Type- Superhero Workout
Training Level- Both Beginners & Intermediate
Duration- at least 6 months
Time- 45-50 minute
Days per week- 5
Workout PDF-  Download PDF

One Punch Man Workout Plan

5 Days per Week
Exercises Reps
Pushups 100
Sit-Ups 100
Squats 100
Running 10 Km


Strategy to 100 reps

If you are a beginner to this workout program then it would be quite difficult to do 100 reps in each exercise. Follow these best strategies to complete your target.

  • Divide into Sets- Divide your 100 reps in 3 to 5 sets. When you are used to it decreases your sets and rest time.
  • Rest between the sets- Take 1-minute rest between each set. Try to lower your rest limit to make the workout effective.
  • Running- Start your running with 3 to 5 km per day. Increase your speed and distance to make it more intense. You can also take rest in between but try to avoid it.

Saitama’ Diet

2 to 4 meals per day
More protein- at least 8 grams per pound of bodyweight.
Vegetables- Consume vegetables to get sufficient vitamins and minerals.
Carbs- More carbs are good for muscle gaining.
Post Workout-  Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard/Dymatize XT Elite


Follow the proper diet plan and take proper rest after an intense workout. It will definitely help you in quick muscle building. You can download One punch man workout challenge PDF from below.

One Punch Man Workout Challenge PDF

PDF Download


In this article, we have shared the one punch man workout challenge. It includes all the superhero exercises which will help you train like one punch man. To get results you must follow this Saitama workout for at least 6 months with proper rest and nutritional diet. All the best and stay strong. Buildingbeast.

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