Bump on roof of mouth

Bump on roof of your mouth

Bumps in your mouth is a common problem experienced by most of us, whether it is on our mouth, tongue or under the lips, etc. The worst thing is it can be painful for more than a month. Some of its symptoms can also cause serious problems so if you are going through this bump problem then this article is helpful for you. In this article, we have provided all the effective treatments for bumps on the roof of your mouth. So stay tuned with us as reading this article is your first step towards your bump treatments.

What is a bump?

A Bump is a painful filled swelling that occurs on your mouth roof, lips, throat, etc. It arises due to different reasons from which few of the reasons can cause a harmful impact on your health. In this case, you need some home or medical treatments to cure this problem.

What causes a bump on the roof of your mouth?

There are a number of reasons which cause bumps in your mouth. We will focus on some of the main causes of this problem. Have a look.

  • Dehydration

Due to electrolyte imbalance bump can occur on your mouth or lips. Dehydration causes an electrolyte imbalance in our bodies. The low water level in your body can cause more such problems. So always drink enough water to get rid of this problem.

  • Torus palatinus

Torus palatinus is a hard form of the bumps. It occurs on the roof of your mouth and indicates a bone growth on the roof. It is not cancerous or harmful but can be painful. Consult a doctor for medical treatment for this problem.

It comes with different symptoms.

1. Problem while swallowing the food.
2. Anxiety
  • Injury

A minor cut on your skin or irritation due to braces etc can also raise a bump on your mouth. These types of bumps are no more dangerous and can easily be treated by normal medicines.

  • Cold Sores

A fluid-filled blister that basically occurs on your lips or mouth roof is a cold sore. They are usually caused by the virus called herpes which rarely shows any symptoms. Some of the major symptoms of cold sores are-

1. Painful blisters in your mouth.
2. Fluid-filled blisters that burst with time.
3. Blisters that are quite visible.
  • Mucoceles

Mucoceles can be caused by salivary glands. It is filed inside and occurs on your lips or roof of the mouth. Basically they don’t require any treatments and usually disappear after several weeks.

  • Burns

Burns inside your mouth due to consuming hot foods can also cause a blister or a fluid-filled bump on the roof of your mouth. They are not terrible and can easily heal without any medical treatments. Also, you can use home treatments like aloe vera to heal burns.

  • Oral cancer

Oral cancer can also cause bump anywhere inside your mouth, lips, etc. It indicates cancer and can also develop in the salivary glands. Treatment for this cancer type depends upon the stage of cancer. If you smoke or use tobacco products then you can go through this cancer type. So stay away from these things.

There are different symptoms that indicate oral cancer.

1. Soreness in your mouth that doesn’t heal.
2. A bleeding sore.
3. Pain while swallowing food bites.
4. A lump or thickening of your mouth skin.

When to See A Doctor

In most cases bump on the roof of your mouth is not to worry about. However, if you are having some problems that feel free to contact your doctor. Here are some stages when you must consult a doctor.

  • Having pain continuously- If you are having pain for more than a couple of days then it is necessary to consult a doctor for instant relief.
  • Soreness is not healing- If you have a sore and it is not healing then you must need a medical prescription to heal this.
  • Pain while swallowing food- If your mouth or throat pains while swallowing food then also you must consult your doctor.
  • Size of your lump increases- If your lump size increases then you should use medicine to relieve it.
  • Breathing problem- Not being able to breathe properly is also a major problem. You should consult your doctor for reliving it quickly.

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