Best leg exercises for men

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Most of the people skip leg day. Training your upper body only is the foolish thing you can do in bodybuilding. A strong lower body is the sign of your strength and hard work. Legs are one of the incredible body parts, to feel the transformation of the whole body. One who only trains their upper body will transform as Johny Bravo, hope you know this awesome character. A professional bodybuilder trains every muscle of the body including their lower body parts. Training your lower body is as important as training your upper body. We have analyzed the best leg exercises for men which will help you get stronger and heavy legs.

Why training legs are important?

leg is important

  • Training your legs helps you look muscular.
  • Bigger and stronger legs are the sign of your hard work.
  • A strong lower helps you in improving the stability of your body.
  • The best whole body transformation is when you train your whole body.
  • Training your lower body also increases your testosterone level.

Today with the help of this article we will discuss the best leg exercises that will train your legs to exhaustion. So let’s get started.

Best leg exercises for men

  1. Squats

squats for men

Squats are the best starter workout to perform your leg training. It helps in activating your leg muscles and prevents injuries. This workout is performed by every bodybuilders and athlete. So let’s start the workout.

Targeted area- It usually targets your quadriceps, Calves, and abdominals.

How to do

simple squats

Stand placing your feet in your shoulder width. Place your hands in your shoulder or you can keep your hands straight. This will be your initial position. Now bend your knees and sit back in your hips. Relax your body down as far as you can and quickly reverse back to the initial position. Here is the one rep completed.

Complete 3 sets of 20 to 25 reps.

2. Front squats (Barbell)

front squats 1

Front squats are one of the best leg exercises. It targets the calves and glutes. Along with this it also focuses on the lower back and abdominals. This workout can be quite complicated for beginners. So Let’s hit the workout.

Targeted areas- Calves, glutes, lower back, and abdominals.

How to do

front squats1

Grab a barbell and place it in your shoulder level. Raise your elbows such that your upper arms are parallel to the floor. Now simply perform the squats with a barbell.

Complete 3 sets of 15, 12, 10 reps.

3. Barbell Squats

barbell squats1

Barbell squats are also one of the best leg exercises. This workout focuses on your calves and lower legs. Along with this it also covers your lower back area and abdominals. As this is one of the most effective workouts for legs.

Targeted areas- It usually targets your lower legs. It also focuses on your lower back, spinal cord and abdominals.

How to do

barbell squats

Grab the barbell with an underhand grip. Place the barbell on your lower traps. Contract your shoulder and keep your elbows up. Now bend your hips back and lower your body by bending knees. Lower your body as far as you can. Now push your knees up to get back to the initial position.

When you lower down your body make sure that your knees should not cross your feet.

4. Leg Press

leg press

The leg press is the best and the best exercise to train legs. If you are willing to have a strong and muscular leg, then this workout might be the best one. It focuses on your quadriceps, glutes, and calves as well. This workout also helps in increasing the strength of the lower body. Let’s do this crazy workout.

Targeted areas- It usually targets your quadriceps, calves, and glutes.

How to do

leg press1

Sit down on the leg press machine such that your knees are in line with your feet. This will be your initial position. Now carefully remove the safeties. Bend your knees slowly towards your chest. Bent them until they are in 90 degrees. Now Go back to the initial position.

Prevent any type of injuries by using safeties. Do not straight your knees completely during the workout.

5. Walking Lunge

walking lunge2

Walking lunge is an effective leg workout. It is also one of the toughest workouts. All this workout need is a strength. It focuses on your lower and upper leg both. So enable your beast mode and have the workout.

Targeted areas- Front thigh, calves, quadriceps.

How to do

walking lunge1

Stand placing your feet in hip width. Grab a dumbbell in each hand. Now step forward with one leg by lowering your body until your second knee touches the ground. Now do the same with the second leg.

Complete 3 sets of 15, 12, 10 reps.

Keep your elbows straight during the whole workout.

6. Leg extensions


Leg extension is the best resistance weight training exercise for legs. It usually focuses on your quadriceps and other leg muscles. Let’s have a workout.

Targeted areas- Quadriceps(large muscle in front of the thigh), calves.

How to do


Sit down in the leg extension machine. Place your hands on the hand bar. Lift the weight slowly with the help of your legs until your legs are almost straight. Now release the weight back to the initial position. Here is one rep completed.

Complete 3 sets of 12, 10, 8 reps.

7. Standing Calf raise

standing calf raise

Standing Calf raise is one of the best and effective exercises for having stronger calves. It mainly targets your calf muscles. It strengthens your calf muscles and helps you sculpting muscular legs. Let’s have this beast workout.

Targeted areas- It usually targets your calves.

How to do

standing calf raise1

Stand in a calf raise machine. Hold something to get support. Now lower your heels slowly towards the floor until you feel stretch in your calves. Now raise your heels as high as possible.

Complete 3 sets of 20, 18, 15 reps.

8. Romanian Deadlift

romanian deadlift1

Romanian is one of the most powerful and effective compound exercises. It targets your lower body part and upper body part as well. Be careful during having this workout, prevent injuries. Now it’s time to hit this crazy workout.

Targeted areas- Quadriceps muscle, hips, lower back, thighs, Hamstrings.

How to do

romanian deadlift

Stand straight and bend your knees slightly. Hold the barbell with an underhand grip in front of your thighs. Keep your feet apart at shoulder width. Now lower the barbell by moving your hip back as far as you can. Keep your head looking forward. Now return back to the starting position.

Keep your back straight and your shoulders at the back Avoid heavy weight at the beginning.

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