Top biceps exercises for men

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None of us want to skip the biceps day, as we all have the desire to have the solid beast biceps which is the symbol of our hard work. Big biceps is still a dream for many of the bodybuilders. it denotes the strength of the person and helps in looking more attractive. it’s all about working hard and breaking your limits which helps in increasing your strength. If you want to have beast biceps then this article is for you. we have researched and assembled the top biceps exercises for men’s health. Add these crazy workouts in your biceps routine and feel the strength. So hit the gym and have the workouts. Keep in mind that consistency is the key to success.

Why Biceps workout is necessary?

biceps workout

Every Fitness freak has a desire to have a beast and solid biceps. it makes you look more stunning and attractive. These top Biceps workout will help you hit your desire biceps goals. Biceps workouts activate the muscle tissues of your body which leads to the rapid growth of muscles. It also helps in increasing the muscle strength along with the balance of the body. Bodybuilding is all about strength, if you have strength then you are the beast.

Top biceps exercises

Training your biceps is all about increasing your strength. Big biceps are the symbol of your hard work and consistency. Here are the Top biceps exercises which train your whole biceps muscles and helps you reach your goals. So Let’s get started.

1. Standing Cable Curl

standing cable curl 1

Standing cable curl is one of the most effective workouts to increase biceps. As we know biceps is all about curling. It roughly deals with every muscle of our biceps. This workout applies constant tension to the biceps and helps in improving the stability of the elbows. Go Ahead and have this workout.

Targeted areas- Biceps brachi (upper biceps), elbows.

How to do

standing cable curl 2

Stand in front of the cable machine. Hold the bar attached to the lower pulley cable with an underhand grip. This will be the initial position of the workout. Keep your elbows at the side. Pull the bar up and contract your biceps. At the top point feel the contraction and then slowly return to the initial stage. One rep completed.

Complete 3 sets of 15, 12, 10 reps.

You must keep your head straight and core tight during this workout.

2. Barbell Preacher Curl

barbell preacher 11

Barbell preacher curl is also one of the best biceps workouts. This workout is slightly better and effective than Scott curl. This workout deals with your biceps strength and stretches your biceps. For beginners, it could be complicated. But don’t worry until you don’t start you don’t succeed. Let’s have this crazy workout.

Targeted areas- Whole Biceps muscles.

How to do

barbell preacher 1

Settle down in the preacher bench and relax your armpits on the top of the pad. Grab a shoulder-width EZ-bar in your hands. Keep your feet flat and head straight. Now flex your biceps to push the bar up. Now slowly release the bar to its initial position. One rep completed.

Complete 3 sets of 12, 10, 8 reps.

You can also have the crazy workout one arm at a time with a dumbbell.

3. Stand Barbell Curl

standing barbell 1

Stand barbell curl is the best and the beast workout for biceps. This workout is the most effective workout to train biceps. It offers you the power and the strength and helps your biceps to enter growth zone. This basic workout is usually suggested by the professional bodybuilders. So raise your beast and hit the workout.

Targeted areas- Biceps brachii and the biceps balls.

How to do

stand barbell 2

Stand straight and hold a barbell in your hands with a shoulder-width grip. Extend your arms. Keep your core tight during the whole workout. Bring the barbell up, towards your upper chest. Pause and contract your biceps at the top point. Now Slowly release the barbell back to the same path. Here is your one rep completed.

Complete 3 sets of 12, 10, 8 reps.

Breathe during the whole workout. Pause for a while at the top point to squeeze your biceps.

4. Incline Dumbbell Hammer Curl

incline dumbbell hammer 2

Incline dumbbell hammer curl is rated as the best curls workout for biceps. The incline position stretches the biceps muscles. This workout usually targets the head of the biceps. This heavy workout is effective of all the workouts. Let’s get started.

Targeted areas- Biceps head, wrist.

How to do

incline dumbbell 3

Lie down in an incline bench at an angle 45-degree. Grab a pair of dumbbells in your each hand. Bend your elbows. Now flex the dumbbells as close to your shoulders. Pause for a while. Now release the dumbbells slowly to their initial position. One rep completed.

Complete 3 sets of 12, 10, 8 reps.


decline dumbbell 1

Decline Dumbbell Curl is one of the most effective biceps workouts. It usually helps in stretches your biceps muscles. It exerts 90% to 92% of the pressure on your biceps. If you want to pump up your biceps than this workout is perfect for you.

Targeted areas- Biceps balls, brachi.

How to do

decline dumbbell

Lie down on an incline bench at an angle of 45 degrees facing your chest towards the bench. Grab a pair of dumbbells in your each hands. Bend your elbows and rest your arms. This will be your starting position. Now curl the dumbbells in such a way that both of your palms are parallel to each other. Pause for a while when the dumbbells reach close to your shoulders and then release down the dumbbells to the starting position. Here you have completed one rep.

Complete 3 sets of 12, 10, 8 reps.

6. Cable Rope Hammer Curl

cable rope hammer

Cable Rope Hammer Curl is the similar workout as dumbbell hammer curl. This workout is the most effective workout for biceps. It usually targets the biceps balls and also helps in muscle growth. It affects your brachialis to transform your arms. This could be a complicated workout for beginners. As this requires more stability and strength as compare to hammer curl. It applies constant load on the biceps. Go ahead and have the workout.

Targeted areas- Biceps balls and brachialis.

How to do

cable rope hammer 1

Grab the ends of the rope with your hands attached to the cable extension. Keep your elbows into your sides in such a way that your palm facing each other. You must keep your feet width apart from each other. Now slightly bend your knees and stable your arms. This will be your starting position. Now pull the rope towards your shoulders. Pause for a while at the top and then slowly return back to the starting position. One rep completed.

Complete 3 sets of 12, 10, 8 reps.

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